Sunday 1 July 2012

You Have a Nice Country Too

Well, it is Canada Day and as I sit here I can hear a soft booming in the distance. There is a fireworks show happening on the Center Street Bridge tonight to celebrate this great country that we live in. Canada is 145 years old today.
I will rarely say how happy I am to have had the good sense to pick Canadians to be my parents. It is one of the best countries in the world. I am sure that some will argue with me, and say that there country is the best. I suppose from their point of view it is and I would be hard pressed to argue the point. I’d like to spend some time in your country and find out for myself. The likelihood of that happening is slim to none, so I will just have to be thrilled to be Canadian.

There is no country quite as beautiful and unspoiled as Canada. To be sure other countries are quite lovely, but we have the whole package.

I have never gone hungry in my life, because food is plentiful here. People who live in other countries can’t always say that. I remember the first time that I needed blood work done; my doctor told me that I would have to fast. I was thinking one or two days and wasn’t sure good health would be worth the sacrifice. When he told me it was twelve hours, I just laughed and told him that I call that normal. You eat supper and then go to bed…12 hours! I remember doing some fast for charity and it was 24 hours. I began to notice an empty feeling inside towards the end of that, but it was for a good cause. World hunger I think.

I have always had the good fortune to have a job and was able to raise a family. We have a great health care system even though there are a few problems with it. I don’t understand why our politicians want to change it. I guess it’s because they will have to have smaller termination bonuses when they finally get the hell out.

No, I am not always happy about the way things are run and how the bastards seem to be coated in Teflon. That’s not for today; today is a celebration of Canada being 145 years old. I read a story about twenty years ago in Readers Digest about a group of university students that were in England for Canada Day on our 125th birthday. They were staying on a farm and were celebrating more than likely with beer. They were Canadians after all. The owner of the farm asked them what they wee having a party for and the students told him it was Canada’s 125th birthday.

The old farmer said “One hundred and twenty-five years old you say? That seems to be pretty young for a country. Why, the new roof on the barn is 150 years old! Well, congratulations anyways.”
Well, Congratulations to all of the Canadians out there and for those not lucky enough to live here…I’m sure you have a nice country too.

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