Saturday 21 July 2012


I am having a hard time thinking of what to write about tonight. I spent a good part of the day helping Brendan fix the list of things on his garage that the anal building inspector nitpicked.
 Head Up Your Ass
Sure, he is correct, but I don’t think there is any chance that some random guy walking on the roof will step on that one weak area near the ridgeline; possibly trip, causing himself to fall and slide down the length of the roof and ultimately plunge to the ground. The way I see it is that some strange guy would be up to no good, perched on top of Brendan’s garage. If he falls and breaks a leg/back/neck, then good! Stay the fuck off of other people’s roofs. (“Roofs” is the acceptable norm, but I like “rooves”, it just seems righter (?) ).
One of the other things Mister Head-Up-His-Ass was worried about were these “H” clips that are used to hold the roof sheathing stable and in place. One was about six inches off centre and a couple had an end buried in the sheathing. We had to brace these areas with a 2X4. So, these little freakin’ “H” clips might cause a strength issue on the roof. I guess the Roof trusses are just there for show. Once again, who cares if the peeping Tom slips and falls to his death?

Mister HUHA also wanted a bigger gap between the wall sheets. That was an easy fix, just take the skill saw and cut entirely around the building. We also needed to put the ventilation in, I suppose he was worried that Brendan might try to suffocate himself in the garage if it isn’t vented properly. That big 7’ by 16’ hole in the one end might let some of the carbon monoxide out. He didn’t even mention how the garage overhang, encroaches onto the city alleyway which is what we were really worried about. I figured the guy would tell us that we needed to cut 18 inches off of the overhang. That would have been a tough fix.

Anyways, I am really tired and can’t think of anything to write about. Last week I was so tired writing the blog that I actually fell face first onto the keyboard…twice. That was tired! I remember when the kids were babies and they would fall asleep into their mush. It is pretty cute when a baby does it, and I am sure we have a picture of it somewhere. Not too cute when a 59 year old guy does the same thing.

Tomorrow is another day and so far I have nothing scheduled that will tire me out. There is a shit pile of gardening that needs doing. Ahhh…Shit! 

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