Thursday 19 July 2012

Between You and Me

Sometimes, it is the little, inconsequential things in life that are the most telling when it comes to discovering who you really are.

This next bit has nothing to do with the blog tonight, but the word “inconsequential” jogged my memory and I started to giggle. I just can’t imagine the kind of sick mind that comes up with this stuff.

Ten months ago there was a coupon for $120 off of a windshield installation. I am one of those guys that love to save money, and $120 saved, is $120 in the bank. If you aren’t taking advantage of the online coupons deals like Groupon, or Dealfind, you are missing some impressive savings. It would be even better if I had a lot of unwanted body hair, or needed a shapeware body suit, desired whiter teeth while eating at one of the many fine restaurants that have coupons. We took advantage of the Reef and Beef deal and saved about $50.
So, I had the windshield replaced on Tuesday and the guy said to take the tape off on Thursday morning. Yes, I waited about 10 months before using the coupon, because you may as well replace a really damaged windshield as opposed to a moderately damaged one. Just my luck, no stones flew into the windshield at high speed and the crack didn’t get any longer. What the hell, when you want something bad to happen it doesn’t. I guess it’s the same as when I was in school and hoped to be kidnapped on the way to my math exam. I had to wait for about an hour and a half, but I had my KOBO and I got to watch all of the other people being uncomfortable having a bearded guy pretending to read while secretly watching them. I even gave my seat to a mom and her young daughter. That should buy me a little good karma.
I didn’t get up early enough to take the tape off this morning and I wondered all day if something awful would happen to the windshield because I was late. Okay, the truth is that I forgot all about it until about 8:30 tonight. There was black duct tape on three sides of the front window. I started to take it off, and it came off pretty easily. I was looking at this pristine piece of black duct tape and started to think that I don’t have any black duct tape, just grey/silver. There wasn’t too much, just about seven feet or so, but if you are like me then seven feet of duck tape should last for months. More because I’m not likely to use the good black stuff just anywhere. Yep, I found a stick and wound the tape around it very carefully. Wouldn’t you know, the last piece got all twisted like one of those old time fly traps that I would walk into all the time when I was a kid. I managed to untangle the tape and put it on the workbench knowing that I saved even more.
The point that I am trying to make is, that seven feet of tape shows me just how cheap I can be. There is a good chance that I will never use it or even see it again. It’s a very cluttered workbench. It isn’t a bad thing to be frugal; you just have to realize that not everyone shares your frugality. Like your wife or friends. Let’s just keep this between you and me.

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