Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Very Nice Tim Horton’s

Yesterday, my daughter called me at about 7:00 AM and said “Hi dad. I wonder if you could do me a really big favour.” I told her that I’d do anything and I meant it. I was fully prepared to help her dispose of a body, no questions asked. 
Luckily, all she wanted was for me to bring a car seat over, because there was a mix up and she ended up one seat short. I told her I’d be there in 15 to 20 minutes, just as soon as I put some pants on. Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I wasn’t walking around the house naked, I did have shorts on but it was far too cool outside for them. When I pulled up to her house, the two kids and her were standing in the garage looking so forlorn, I wanted to give them all hugs. I settled for hugging the two boys.
While Arwen was putting the car seat into the car, Hurricane decided to show me how good he was on his scooter. He took off down the driveway and took the corner onto the sidewalk on two wheels! Well, he kind of had to because a scooter only has two wheels. He did this a couple of times, while Tornado and I were talking about how his night was. Okay, he was talking and I was trying to figure out just what language he was talking in. I had narrowed it down to a kind of pidgin Bulgarian/Latvian, when I heard a crash.

I looked up just in time to see Hurricane sliding face first off of the sidewalk and into the gutter. He’s about 12 years too early to end up in the gutter. I ran over and got there just as he was picking himself up. He seemed alright, but he did scrape his hands and of course he slid into a mud puddle. I picked up the scooter and we went back to the garage where Arwen had just finished hooking up the seat. All ready to go, except for the muddy clothes.

While they went inside to change, Tornado and I continues to speak to each other in “Latgarian”. What a sweet boy! Hurricane came out, no worse for the incident, and they piled into the car and I took off to find a Tim Horton’s. Well, actually I just pulled around the corner and waited to see if they actually made it out of the driveway. The kind of day Arwen was having, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the car didn’t start. She pulled past me and I followed her until I pulled into a Tim’s.
Fun morning. Well it was for me. I got to hug my little guys, learned a new language, helped out someone in need and had coffee in a very nice Tim Horton’s.

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