Monday 16 July 2012

Dark Windows, Loud Music and Speed

I was walking to the library today when some young person in a non descript car like a Fiesta or Capri “burnt” rubber going through the three way stop and kept accelerating up the street. What a freakin’ dickhead!

Just so you know and don’t worry, I just go to the library in order to look smart.

The problem is that most of the people I see at the library don’t really look that smart. There are those people that are trying to learn how to use a computer and are just having the most difficult time. There are the kids running around chasing each other while the mom is checking her text messages totally oblivious to what her kids are up to. There is the older couple that are checking out about fifty DVD’s and you just know that no way will they watch them all. I suspect they just want a reason to go out in public. There are the mentally disabled people and their care givers that sit in various chairs throughout the building screaming “ I KNOW…I DON’T…YOU NEVER…AAAHHHHHH!”. There are the high school kids sitting at a table texting to each other and laughing every now and then. There are the librarians who are there making sense out of this madness.

You know, maybe if I want to look smart I should stay away from the library.

So, anyways, what is it about young men that make them want to get a compact car, black out the windows, play shitty music really loud and put their foot right to the floor?

I would be a lot more impressed if they were driving a silver Aston Martin along winding roads just outside of Monaco, while being chased by guys on motorcycles with machine guns. They just seem pathetic in the little wind up versions of a real car. Save you money boys. The girls just think you are stupid to be wasting money on your car when you could be buying them pretty things.

Why black out the windows? What are you doing in the front seat of the car that you don’t want seen? Perhaps they are embarrassed about how shitty the car looks inside or maybe they just don’t want anyone to see the Justin Bieber CD’s on the front seat. I had a friend whose son had received seventeen $85 tickets because his windows were blacked out, but he refused to take it off because the cops had no right to know what he was doing in his own car. I never did find out what he was doing other than being a jackass.

What is with that shitty hip-hop music they play at top volume? Don’t these middle class white kids know that most of the songs are about killing middle class white kids? Whenever you see these kids, they talk, dress and act as if they lived in the ghetto. The ghetto kids would do anything (even play shit music) to get out and live the American dream. I can’t say for sure, but I would bet that the girls don’t get all wispy when they hear a car racing down the street with the sounds of angry black men promising to “Kill the Man!”

I guess being stupid is a right of passage of sorts. Maybe pressing your foot down as hard as you can on the accelerator is really brave. Maybe? It is just since the early 1900’s that humans have been able to go really fast and I don’t think we are genetically or evolutionarily prepared for speed. I guess if we manage to live for another ten thousand years we should be able to handle dark windows, loud music and speed.

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