Monday 30 July 2012

Eating Bananas and Tossing Shit

Three days ago I decided that I should once again start keeping a journal. Journal seems so much more grown up than Diary, but the truth is even though I call it a journal; in my mind it is my diary.

I was really good for two days, and then today came by and I just forgot about it until now. If I didn’t like myself so much, I would punish myself. Maybe I should ground myself to my room. I could sleep and read and surf the net on the iPad, but that would be more of a reward than anything else. I still have time; it isn’t written that it needs to be a long entry, just a quick summation of the day’s events. In fact, so far nothing is written. I can even leave stuff out since I am the only one that reads it and if future generations have a problem with that then they can take a flying leap at a rolling donut.

I have tried to document my life over the years, but it is a hit or miss kind of thing. I do love to read the entries from years gone by and it is almost like reliving those times. Some of the stuff I had completely forgotten. That is really the impetuous for starting again, so that I can document the times that Hurricane and Tornado were cute so that when Arwen and Chris want to kill them as teenagers I will be able to say “Remember when????” They are cute little buggers, but they are getting so that I can’t trust them to tell the whole truth. Hurricane talked me into getting a new game for the iPad when he was over on the weekend and it turns out he is banned from the iPad until September for lying to his mom and dad. “Mom said it would be okay if I…” I remember those days, but no amount of grounding really works. Grounding just punishes the parent.

I kind of think that this blog is sort of like a diary, but I never know what I will write about until I sit down and start writing. Oh…you knew that. Very obvious you say. Hmmmm….

You know, I think I will cut this short and write in the journal. I think I owe it to those future historians that are trying to piece together why our society collapsed. Not that I will be blamed for the collapse, well, I hope not. It wasn’t just me, it was all of those texting and tweeting people who spent their time well…texting and tweeting. It seems somehow wrong that over millions of years, humans evolved opposable thumbs and we choose to send a message in 140 characters or less to the guy sitting across the table from us.

It makes me wish I had stayed in a tree eating bananas and tossing shit.

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