Tuesday 17 July 2012

You Are Getting Blocked

You know, some days it just doesn’t pay to read the social media. I am a big fan of complaining about, well, pretty much everything, but that is really all it is, complaining.

There are situations and events that I feel would be better organized by the monkeys at the zoo, than the politicians or business leaders. I will often make a suggestion either here in the blog or to my many coffee buddies and pretty much anyone that will listen. It is safe to make these suggestions, because in my heart of hearts I know they won’t be listened to. God forbid someone let me make life and death decisions!

My problem and the problem of pretty much everyone that I know with an opinion is that we are so far down the food chain, we just don’t have the large picture. We see one small aspect of any given situation and we base our opinions and solutions on a small fraction of that problem. The more aspects of the problem that you become aware of, the more complex the problem becomes. That is why we pay our politicians and business leaders the big bucks and give them what seems like unlimited power over us. They have to process all of the different factors and then try and make a decision that will help the most people while angering the fewest.

I love the internet, because it is an unlimited source of learning and entertainment. I get different versions of the news (read the English language version of PRAVDA http://english.pravda.ru/ ), more jokes and funny videos than I could possibly go through in a lifetime, recipes by the millions, and advice on how to repair…everything, also a way to fill some of the hours between seeing Hurricane and Tornado. I can travel the world without leaving my house. I can watch an eagles nest http://www.hancockwildlife.org/index.php?topic=White-Rock-Eagle1#CloseUp , or the beach at Waikiki http://www.seehawaiilive.com/oahu/waikiki-resorts  .

What I don’t love is the ability of the ignorant to spout nonsense as if it is truth. Particularly on Facebook. Someone will give an over simplified solution to a very complex problem and because everyone that reads this verbal diarrhea is a “friend”, they are reluctant to tell her or him what a colossal ass they are. I am being kind. I guess the good (?) thing is that a large portion of their friends are just as ignorant as they are and it can make for hilarious reading. Well, it is funny until you realize that these fucking morons are raising children, making business decisions and are even allowed to vote. I guess that answers my question of how the Conservatives got elected…twice!
I am not going to say anything to any of these fucking morons, but if I were to say anything it would be “Stop being such a fucking moron and read a fucking book or the paper. I know they have a newspaper for idiots, it’s called The Sun.”

Well, go back to your reality TV and see if you can some up with something even dumber for your moron friends to talk and tweet about tomorrow. I’ve had it, you are getting blocked!!!!!

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  1. A big cup of "SHUT THE FUCK UP' would help these assholes also, ahhh I feel better already. Thanks Ken B