Thursday 2 July 2015

Well Maybe

When I go to a fast food restaurant I kind of feel guilty about it. I know the food is probably just empty calories and the food generally is the worst possible diet a human can eat. However, they do use a lot of fat; plenty of salt and sugar…sugar…sugar.

Today was a good day for me; I walked the dog, went for a longish bike ride, did some tidying and removed a root from a bush that threatened to take over the world. Well, at least the part of the world in my back yard. I tried to trim it back for the past few years, but it just kept getting uglier and refused any of my attempts to create one of those topiary animals that you can see in Disneyland. Last year it kind of looked like a large green blob, but that was more natures doing than mine.

The thing about roots is that they are meant to keep the plant in one place and they take their job very seriously. The roots wrap themselves around each other, rocks that piece of rope that I used to tie it back ten years ago and hard, packed clay. I eventually won out, but it took me a few hours, several breaks, one soaking with the hose, two shovels, a rake, a five foot pick and a small hatchet. This was a pretty small root as far as roots go and on a scale of one to ten, one being easiest, the removal would be a two or three. Still, three is a pain in the ass on a hot day.

So, I managed to get in a fair amount of exercise today and my body will thank me. Eventually. The last job I had to do today was go to the store for milk and hit the gas station to refill the BBQ’s propane tank. Lucky for me there is a McDonalds just across the parking lot from the store and gas station and I heard a faint cry from a McFlurry “Save me…save me…save me… What else could I do? There seemed to be some kind of hamburger emergency when I walked up to the counter and everyone had to go and deal with it. I waited and waited and waited. Eventually, a young girl who had been on break came and took my money for my cup of creamy iced sugar.

They gave me my cup and the receipt which had the number that they would serve me when it was my turn 356. It also had the cost of the McFlurry, the amount I gave them and the amount of change that was due me. It seemed as if they had solved the burger emergency and the manager ran outside with a bag in her hand. A worried looking customer chased her outside where she gave him his meal. He wandered away probably thinking that the burger wasn’t worth the wait. The manager then started to hug a series of blue haired teenaged girls and one guy with a skateboard. I have no idea what the fuck was going on.

I got my McFlurry with a smile and had to navigate around a sea of blue haired girls who were talking and hugging right in front of the door with the manager. While I was walking to my car I flipped the receipt over and saw that McDonalds values my feedback and wanted me to take an online survey. I have done these before and filled out ten minutes worth of multiple answer questions and some personal questions that I PREFER NOT TO ANSWER. The reward is often a free drink (small) or a hashbrown with the purchase of a sandwich. I don’t go often enough to make use of the reward so I just delete the page.

I believe that if you delete the page on an online survey then you have also deleted the calories. Well maybe…

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