Tuesday 28 July 2015

How Do You Spend Your Time

"How do you spend your time?"

“Well, I suppose just like everyone else, the days are spent at work, I come home for supper, afterwards I do what needs doing around the house and the rest of the time I enjoy my family. The weekends are the days when we get out and about, sometimes hiking, visiting friends and family, going to a movie and sometimes I get to pursue my hobbies.”

“No, that’s no what I meant. Hmmmm… okay, when I say spend your time, pretend that time is like money, you get a certain amount to spend every day and at the end of the day you lose it all. Not to worry, because tomorrow you will have more time to spend any way that you choose. No one is going to audit you, well, not yet. and every day there is more time to spend. How will you spend your time?”

“I don’t know that I would spend it any differently than I do now. Maybe I might try to do less of the things that are just filling the days and replace them with activities that will build fond memories. I’ve always wanted to play an instrument, not good enough to perform or even play in front of anyone, just a combination of notes that I find pleasant. I might give more of my time to a good cause. I’d like to take my wife to some odd place in Europe that no one else I know has ever heard of. There is a place just south and east of Barcelona called Parc Natural del Garraf that looks like it would be pretty cool.”

“That’s the idea! I don’t expect you to come up with a life plan all at once, it will take time, but you have a fresh supply of time every day. Spend it wisely and enjoy yourself when you are spending it.”

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