Monday 27 July 2015

Now and Next

I just don’t understand how anyone can be a fan of a team year in and year out, win or lose. I understand liking a team and getting emotionally involved in whether they win the cup or not, because you as a fan have a vested interest in their success. In some ways, the team’s success becomes a success for you because you picked them. However, in a handful of years all of the players that you once liked have retired or been traded and now “YOUR” team is completely different.
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I was a big fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs when I grew up in Toronto. The players that I liked from that era left the team and it ceased to be a successful team. Oh, it still made money and still had all of those rabid fans, but since 1967 there really hasn’t been anything to cheer for. That is loyalty. I don’t get it. Why not find another team to cheer for? If the original team starts to play well again you can always switch back. It is after all just a game and no one is keeping track of who you cheer for.

What amazes me isn’t that fans have this crazy loyalty to “their” team, but they hate, Hate, HATE the rival team. Why? That team has changed since the year you started to hate them. After ten years none of the people you hated are even playing hockey any longer. I just don’t understand it.
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Mind you, I don’t understand how normal, intelligent people can sit for hours watching a sport that they don’t play now and have never played. It is the same with most television I guess, just a waste of time. It is an effective means of killing time, but I have noticed that most TV personalities don’t watch much TV themselves. I wonder why that is?

Well, I should go and find a good way to fill the hours between now and next….
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