Thursday 30 July 2015

Normal Fairy

“She was a normal fairy in all respects, well except for the southern accent.”

I woke up at around 5:00 AM with that phrase in my mind. Like a lot of dreams, it was in some ways more real than real. It is somewhat distressing to be absolutely sure that you spent time with a fantasy creature. Especially when you know it was a dream. Strange.
You know, for some reason I have always thought that a fairy would have an English accent. I suppose they could speak with a cute little French accent, but there is no way that a fairy would have a German accent or any of the eastern European accents. The sounds are just too harsh to come out of a fairies mouth. Well, that’s what I think.

Mind you, if we are going to assume that fairies actually do exist, then they would exist all over the world and it only makes sense that they would speak whatever language is spoken in the country they live in. It is possible too that they would have a special fairy language that is universally spoken by all fairies everywhere. Of course that causes difficulties as well. If I happen to catch a fairy or rescue one in distress, then how would it thank me? More important, how would it grant me wishes? Do fairies grant wishes? I hope so; after all I did rescue it from a fate worse than death.
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Do you think that fairies wear the diaphanous clothing that Walt Disney and his animators would have us believe? I doubt it, that kind of clothing wouldn’t hold up to an outdoor lifestyle. They could clothe themselves in natural substances like leaves, bark and moss. Yet if we assume they have been on the planet for the same amount of time that we have, then they would have taken advantage of any technological advances that we have made. No, I suspect that they would wear long wearing and close fitting clothing. It wouldn’t do to be flying along and having a bellbottom pant leg get caught on a rose thorn.
I don’t know what a fairy or a race of fairies would do with their time, but you have to assume there is a reason for their existence. Maybe they are here to show us that there are endless possibilities and we should open ourselves up to those possibilities. I think they talk to us in our dreams when we are most able to open up to strange and different ideas.

Why, just last night I was talking to a fairy that was normal in all respects except for the southern accent. 

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