Friday 3 July 2015

Cool Locations on the Grounds

This is just one of those lazy days of summer. I don’t think I understood what that meant when I was a kid, but then every day when you are a kid is pretty lazy. Well, unless your mom and dad think that “Idle hands are the devils workshop” then you are pretty much screwed.

Days like this are meant for lounging in the shade with a cool beverage, contemplating jobs that need to be done that won’t get done until the weather cools down just a mite. I don’t think a lot gets done on days like today and everyone understands why. I have driven in the car today with the windows open and the air conditioner going, eventually I just turned the air off and let high speed and warm winds cool my skin.

Well, that was the idea, but the reality is that the 60 K hot winds just about par boiled me. If I had been seared in a cast iron fry pan before getting into the car, I’d think that I was going to be the main course at someone’s evening meal tonight. I’m still a little undercooked, so I suppose that I am safe for now.
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The daughter of my long time friend Bill and her friend are down from Edmonton to experience the Stampede. They are just two young moms who get a chance to be themselves for a day or two before they have to go home to feed their loved ones and wash a mountain of tiny clothing. They drove down early this morning arriving early enough to visit before they prepared for their Stampede Experience. I drove them to the LRT and told them that I would be in and around that same spot to pick them up whenever they finished with the Stampede. I could have told them the bus routes they needed to use to get here, but quite frankly that would be much more involved that just picking them up.

I was out just a little while ago (remember the hot wind?) and heard on the radio that it was 27°C. Down on the Stampede grounds with all of the people and all of the pavement it would feel like 45°C. Holy crap!
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I don’t particularly like hot weather, but I can deal with it if I need to. I don’t particularly like crowds, but I do understand that they have the same right to go places that I do. I would prefer it if they didn’t, but to tell you the truth, most of those strangers don’t give a shit what I think. I really hate the combination of hot weather and large numbers of sweaty, cranky people. Oh yes, they will definitely be cranky. I think I will just read about the Stampede this year.
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Those two women? So far I don’t know if they are having a good time or are just hanging out because they made the commitment and don’t want to admit to their husbands that they had a less than great time. I hope they are having fun and have managed to find some cool locations on the grounds.

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