Friday 10 July 2015

Well, It Is Still Hot!

Well, it is still hot!

In a normal year we will hit 30°C maybe twice during the summer. Many years have come and gone and the only 30° temperature that we have had has been -30°. I’m okay with not hitting the high thirty and hitting the low thirty at the proper time of year. This year is different. Perhaps it is just a cyclical thing or perhaps it is global climate change, but the weather is definitely not normal.

That being said, life goes on and the only thing I can do about the weather is to complain. We have an air conditioner that I put in the kitchen window for just this kind of weather. I also have a kiddie pool that is just awesome at cooling down a large over heated man. It is pretty fun for kids too which is why we have Hurricane and Tornado spending the night with us. Oh, there is some excuse about a tenth anniversary for Chris and Arwen and attending a concert, but I think we all know it is about the air and the pool.

Arwen dropped Lola off to visit her grand parents as well. A bulldog needs to stay cool and she is always welcome here. I have a rule that she doesn’t shit in the back yard and under no circumstance is she allowed to fart indoors. I guess it isn’t a surprise to anyone that bulldogs don’t follow rules.

We played in the pool for a while and then had a bite to eat. Pancakes and bacon was the menu in honour of the Stampede with lots of syrup and butter. We went down to the workroom to see what kind of mischief we could get into. Tornado likes to mess around down there and Hurricane must have felt left out upstairs. We had been working for a while when Hurricane looked at me and asked “Who lets a five year old use an electric drill?”  Uhhh…”That would be me, don’t worry about your brother, you just pay attention to where you are drilling.”

I thought about it and perhaps Tornado should be using the smaller drill, it did fit his hand a little better. I had the boys swap drills and everything went much smoother after that. I showed them how to cut the cover off of a golf ball and the process I use to carve a Santa face. Of course I told them that it would be years before I’d let them use the razor sharp carving knives. Besides, I would start them on carving Ivory soap just like I did.

Well, tomorrow we have a new playground to explore and then to Tim’s for a coffee or juice. We’ll hit the pool when we get home and after lunch with any luck they will want to watch a movie in the air conditioned house.

This should be a good weekend.

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