Wednesday 15 July 2015

Till Tomorrow

I had a wonderful day today. I know that anyone reading this couldn’t care less about my day, they are just trying to kill a little time before the cops kick in the door. Well, maybe they just stumbled on this blog and are hoping to be entertained and amused. Tough luck!

As I said, the day was wonderful, but the evening and now the night are off for some reason. It could be that the weather is changing and for the next few days we will be having cool and rainy days. I am looking forward to the change, but often the change in barometric pressure can wreck havoc with emotions and can leave you feeling just a little out of step. That’s me tonight.

I can’t come up with anything that I want to share or that will make me smile. There is nothing that I can say tonight that will make my kids and grandkids laugh when I am long gone.

The breeze is coming up and there are patches of darkness moving in. It is a good time to shut the world out. Tomorrow will be soon enough to deal with the darkness, tonight I will hide under covers and behind my dreams.

Till tomorrow then… 

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