Friday 17 July 2015

Unbelievably Brilliant

I saw a facebook post a couple of weeks ago that I couldn’t disagree with, in fact, it was right on the money. It was a picture of an old man in construction clothing and the caption read, “Only someone who sits at a desk all day would think that a retirement age of 70 is a good idea.”

Personally, I don’t think anyone should work for longer than thirty or thirty-five years. Mainly because those few years at the end of a persons life lets him or her pursue activities that they either didn’t have time for earlier in their lives or they couldn’t afford the activity. I know that not everyone can afford to retire, but that is something that we as a society can and should fix. I know people who will work until they drop from exhaustion or they simply aren’t well enough to work any longer. No one should be forced into a situation like that.

Yes, I know that some of these people spent their money as they earned it without a thought to the future. Some didn’t make enough to put any away for the golden years. Some of us lucked into jobs that had a good pension plan but the salary we earned was low because of it. We should as a society have universal pension income that enables a good standard of living after you can’t work any longer. The pension plan we have in Canada is sufficient to survive if you are lucky enough to have a cheap place to live. We could all have good lives if we would only work together for the good of all.

The reason I was thinking about that old construction worker is that I spent a few hours doing work of the construction variety today. I wasn’t pouring concrete or doing a lot of heavy lifting but I did work pretty steady all day. I am exhausted! Yes, I could probably get used to working full days if I had to, but thank God I don’t have to. I may look for a job in the future to pay for an exotic holiday, but my day to day needs are taken care of for the present.

No, I don’t think I was ever cut out to do heavy manual labour, light manual labour or manual labour of any kind. I wasn’t cut out for a desk job either I don’t think. I should have been born rich as well as devilishly handsome and unbelievably brilliant.


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