Saturday 4 July 2015

A Too Large Midnight Snack

I am doing what I have done countless times during my lifetime, sitting at a kitchen table waiting for people to wake up. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to this because I tend to wake up early. Worse than that, I take a certain amount of pride in waking up early while the rest of the world is still drooling on their pillows.
I guess in some way, I think that early rising makes me better than all of the others. It doesn't of course, but it does give me access to more daylight than those who choose to add hours to the end of the day. My wife is one of those, but other than that one fault, she is a very nice person.
There was a woman who was extolling the virtues of early rising to Louise, explaining that the two or three hours before the rest of the world wakes is lovely, productive quiet time that she doesn't have to share with anyone else. Louise countered with the two or three hours after the rest of the world goes to sleep is lovely, productive quiet time that she doesn't have to share with anyone else. I imagine that for a second or two they stared at each other wondering how a person could reach a certain age and not understand one of the most obvious concepts of life. They agreed to disagree and went on to other less antagonistic topics of conversation.
Whether you are an early riser or a night owl, you have one thing in common. More than likely you have to be quiet and tip toe around so that you don't wake your sleeping friends. Well, I tip toe around, but there comes a time that you just know that everyone should be awake no matter how late they were up the night before. They were the ones that chose to stay up so they should have to suffer the consequences of waking up to loud noises and have to function for a day with too little sleep. I suppose that there is a flip side that the night owls feel that if someone is stupid enough to go to bed at nine o'clock then they should wear ear plugs to deaden the sound of late night TV shows and lawn mowers. There really isn't an understanding between the two camps, just detente.

What the late nighters just don't understand is that when you get up early you have a perfectly good excuse to have a nap in the afternoon. "Oh, I was up and baking bread/cake/tarts/cookies at
5:30 and I'm just exhausted. I'm just going to catch a short nap to recharge my batteries for the rest of the day." Well, who can argue with someone that had a plateful of delicious baked goods ready when everyone else woke up? When one of those night owls opt to take a nap in the middle of the day just to recharge their batteries they are met with looks of distain. "You chose to stay up watching TV or reading a book till all hours of the night. It is your own fault that you are tired, you should get to bed earlier. Besides, you didn't make any delicious cookies so just suck it up and get to bed earlier tonight!"
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Okay, that might just be my attitude, but it just makes good sense.

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