Monday 20 August 2012

The Other Side of Midnight

Well, I have about fifteen minutes to come up with something tonight. I had given up on the blog for tonight, figuring that no one would really miss it. Then, I realized that I would miss it and really, I am the only one that matters when you come right down to it.

That still leaves me with nothing to say. I have been somewhat moody lately and the only thing that has been able to pick up my spirits are visits with Hurricane and Tornado. They make you remember when life was new and nothing mattered but cookies from Mom and popsicles on a hot day. Everything else is just filler. I was going to buy some freezee pops today, but I didn’t have room in my basket and the adult in me said you don’t need the sugar. Stupid adult!

I am fine when I am with people or when I am actually doing or making something, but in the quiet hours of my life, things seem to be a dull grey. Yes, I know that I just gave myself the answer, but sometimes you just need to sit and wonder…Why? Tonight I am wondering why and I am sure that after a good nights rest I will be wondering Why Not?

Here’s to tomorrow, the why nots and the might be’s. See you on the other side of midnight.

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  1. Well I'd miss it Ken and I'm sure all your followers would also. Summer has made it a little more difficult to follow your blog, but follow I do. Able to travel thanks to retirement has dragged me away from the P.C. but I still look forward to your comments and thoughts. B