Friday 3 August 2012

Sick and Happy

Do you know what makes you happy?

I know some of the things that make me happy, but I am not always aware of what will make me happy until it does in fact make me happy. Sometimes the things that I think will make me happy will actually make me sad. There are times when the thing that made me happy once doesn’t make me happy anymore. Does that make any sense? Does it make you happy or sad?

I find that the happy making things for me lately are the little things. I was walking into the second hand store today and as I was walking across the parking lot I saw a Tim’s card just waiting there for me. I picked it up and did my shopping/looking. You just never know what you will find in the Mennonite store, or outside of the Mennonite store. When I got home I checked that balance on the card and it was $4.84! Super bonus! I was happy just to have the card. Yeah, I know it is weird, but I did say that it is the little things that make me happy.
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When I was driving home tonight there was one of those large orange moons off to the east. It made me smile and wish that I had a camera with me. I think that an orange moon means there will be a good harvest or that the king of the Pumpkin people has finally declared war on Homo sapiens. I am going with the good harvest thing because otherwise I might not sleep tonight. I can’t imagine that an army of pumpkins would be very fierce warriors. First off, they have no legs or arms so it would be pretty hard for them to attack. I suppose they could spit seeds at us, but if they did that it would leave them gutless. I think I could win that war by myself. That kind of makes me happy.
It is possible that happiness is a virus which you can catch. Those of us that are lucky have little or no resistance to the virus, but we all know people that have a strong immune system and haven’t had a happy day in their lives. Perhaps they could come up with an anti immune drug, kind of like the anti rejection drugs they give to implant patients. Personally I think I am a pretty happy guy with bouts of unhappy every now and then.

Here’s hoping that you have a very poor immune system and stay happy for a long, long time.

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