Wednesday 29 August 2012

See You on the Other Side

I know that I mentioned installing new floors a couple of months ago. Just so that you know, we are quite happy with the floors and should have done them years ago. The problem with doing a project of that sort is that it is necessary to clear out the room completely. The problem with clearing out a room completely, is that if you have been in a house for many years and just happen to be something of a pack rat, clearing the room is a major job.

When you clear out a room, you have to decide up front if you are going to sort through the piles of stuff when you are packing up or after the job is complete and you are putting the stuff back into the room. I opted to just box everything up and deal with the unpacking at a later date, following the maxim that you should “Never do anything now that can be put off until later”. It isn’t the best way for someone to run their life by, but so far I am more or less happy with it. The key items are back in place and have been for some time, but it those other things that you don’t really need, but just as they somehow found the way into the room once, they are beginning to find the way back.

The thing I am looking for now is my remote that allows me to watch TV while I am on the computer. I don’t really watch TV on the computer, and never have really. The odd time I can use it to check and see what is coming on at 9:00PM, or what I have missed for the better part of the last hour. That is exactly what I wanted to do tonight and I realized that I hadn’t hooked my TV connector and remote up after the cleansing. I have been looking now for about two hours and things aren’t looking good.

I checked the box of stuff under the desk, to no avail. I looked in the spare room and I don’t think there is anything there at all. I will have to give it a major search tomorrow, but my gut tells me that it there is nothing in that room that interests me. I went down stairs three times so far and on each occasion I have forgotten why I was down there in the first place. I’ve come back up with a cake mix, a book on carving Christmas Santa’s and a bar of Irish Spring soap. I am going back down after I finish the blog and I suspect that I will somehow return up the stairs with some other piece of garbage that should stay downstairs.

I tried tying a string on my finger once as a memory aid and I came back up with a ball of string, what else could it possibly mean. Maybe I should just forget about it. Generally, whenever I am not looking for something; that is the time it shows up. So, if I don’t look for the remote, there is a remote chance that it will show up. Uh-huh!

You know, maybe I should just forget that remote. I’m just going to walk the ten feet to the living room and watch there. Nope, I have that anal personality which will keep me searching until I either find it or die trying. See you on the other side…

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