Tuesday 14 August 2012

Enjoyable Breakfast

Louise and I ran into a woman that we hadn’t seen in year’s yesterday morning. We all happened to be at the same restaurant for breakfast and figured that if we were going to get bad service (and we did) then we might just as well sit together and chat.

We met Anne when the kids were smaller and we started to attend Saint George’s Anglican Church. I was baptised Anglican and I knew the name of the religion, so we thought why not. We are not and have never been religious in the sense that we needed an organized religion to be fulfilled. Both Louise and I have spent a lot of time looking into the various religions that are vying for our souls and have come up with an amalgam of sorts that seem to fit us well. I thought that it would be beneficial for the kids to have a firm grounding in one religion so that they could reject it and others like it based on personal knowledge.

It turns out that they didn’t really pay that much attention during the service or in Sunday school. They actually had a pretty bad time, except for the criticizing of the church goers. I still think it was a good idea, but they learned to mistrust the church for totally different reasons than I would have thought. Maegan writes a wonderful blog about her take on religion and the subsequent trips for ice cream afterwards. You should check it out. http://lazysundaes.com/ We were quite involved for a while there, Louise was on the alter guild, the family was roped into the Christmas Pageant (I was either a wise man or a shepherd) and I even shovelled the sidewalk a couple of times one winter. It was a big ass sidewalk too!

Anne was and still is very involved with the church. I would think that someone that has had as much bad shit happen to her as she has had would have lost faith by now. Perhaps she could give another religion a chance, it couldn’t do any worse. I guess that turn the other cheek and love thine enemies is an integral part of the Christian faith. Good for them! The meek will inherit the earth, at least a 3’ X 6’ X 6’ plot anyways. Listening to her talk about the church and why she left St. Georges for another church took me right back to the days when I was dozing off in a pew. I did get some good naps in. The minister used to ask if I had a nice nap during his sermon.

There was a point when Louise and Anne started to argue about God and religion, but luckily they decided to agree to disagree and that was that. I think it is odd that if you agree with a person about their view of religion, they think of you as a well informed, broad minded and extremely likeable person. However, should you disagree, then you become an ignorant, narrow minded and thoroughly distasteful person. Potato…potato…tomato…tomato.

I can’t say that I haven’t had a more enjoyable breakfast before, but I am looking forward to not seeing Anne for another fifteen or twenty years. 

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