Saturday 4 August 2012

I Am Not Fond Of Oysters

I have been writing this blog for a year and a half or so and for the most part, I enjoy doing it. It’s easy for me to enjoy it because I don’t have to read it. Every now and then I will see in the stats that someone, somewhere in the world read a certain blog and I will click on the link just to see what that particular blog was about. I can’t tell until I read it because the titles don’t actually relate to the blog at all for the most part.

I am often pleased and entertained by what I have written and on one level I don’t believe that it was I who had written that wonderful bit of prose. Well, at least it isn’t humiliating! Not that there haven’t been blogs that are humiliating, but no one pays and I don’t do anything to encourage people to read it. It would be nice if I could control minds and make them read the blog, but I guess that if I had that kind of power I wouldn’t waste it getting strangers to read a stupid blog. It would involve ruling the world with an iron fist and the eventual descent into insanity due to untreated venereal disease.

I try not to look at the stats very often, because you tend to get caught up in the numbers. "I did better last July than I did this July; I wonder what I did differently. I haven’t noticed the people from Latvia reading of late; it might have been something I wrote.” 

Truthfully, I do look at the stats and am sometimes thrilled and saddened by them. Thank God I don’t have to have literary critics making “constructive” suggestions on my writing. I would probably stop writing and never write again. NO, you can’t pretend to be a critic and make me stop, so don’t even try.

Today was a particularly bad day as far as the blog is concerned. It was a pretty good day for the human race on the whole. I think there were only nine views of the blog. Even for me that is pretty bad. Last nights blog kind of sucked, but the readers wouldn’t know that until they started to read, so the stats would still have been up and todays should be down. Hmmmm…that could be a bummer for tomorrow night. I am going to blame it on the long weekend and the fact that “my readers” are wonderful, intelligent, active people that are far too busy on the August long weekend to read my little scribble.

That’s my story, and I am sticking to it. I guess that I will see what tomorrow brings. I know that I have to cut Stan’s lawn and I need to go shopping, but beyond that the world is my oyster. I guess that is a good thing, but I am not fond of oysters, it isn’t the taste so much, it’s the texture.

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