Sunday 18 September 2011

Where Did I Put Those Drugs?

Today I had a very hard time getting up. I slept much later than normal, and when I finally did get up, I was like a ground hog that saw its shadow and burrowed back under the covers for a power nap.

I suppose that it is possible that I over medicated last night. You see I have this cold that seems to think that I am a good place to set up house keeping. I am an hourly hotel for strictly transient viruses and twenty four hour flu’s. I’m cheap and tawdry, but that is just the way I like it. You can understand that I wanted this visitor to take a hint. I doubled up on the extra strength acetaminophen, triple ibuprofen. A couple of novo-pheniram and washed it all down with neo-citron.

I was buzzing pretty good last night and I may have had some symptoms, but they didn’t bother me and I didn’t bother them. There was a feeling that I was floating about two inches above the ground. It was sort of like being in a bouncy castle, without the bouncy castle. Interesting enough, I had an crazy dream last night which began with someone losing his head.

I was pretty sure that I would remember it, so there was no reason to write it down. How could you forget a dream that begins with a head flying from someone’s body? I am here to tell you that not only was it possible, but it has happened. Sorry, because I was looking forward to writing about it. I will try to revisit it tonight, but without the excess medication I am not going to hold my breath. It is interesting to note, that as my head was touching the pillow last night I thought to myself that I must remember to breathe for the entire night. I thought of asking Louise to nudge me if I seemed to not be breathing, but I am pretty sure she would have made a big deal about it.

It must have taken a good three hours this morning to get to the point that I felt comfortable bringing anything sharper than a spoon near me face. I was a little concerned when Arwen asked if we could look after Hurricane and Tornado for a couple of hours and Louise said yes. I can be normal! If I have to. Just so that you don’t worry, everything went well and we returned them in much the same condition that we received them. Well, a few scratches and a couple of mouthfuls of sugar on the plus side, but that is normal for a visit with Poppa.

No drugs tonight, I am working on a construction site tomorrow. No heavy machinery for me! Mind you, I don’t need to be at my sharpest for the mindless work that I will be doing.

Where did I put those drugs?

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