Thursday 15 September 2011

I Wonder If I Can Find My Sanity

I can’t prove it, but I suspect that my family is trying to drive me crazy!

The plan is diabolical in its simplicity. Today it was Maegan’s turn. She sent an email asking if we remember a certain recipe. We first made it at scout camp and it had frozen strawberries, cool whip and jello. We scaled down the recipe and had it at home a few times, and let me tell you that it was a slice of heaven on a plate. I am sure that when angels sleep, this is what they dream about.

I have been looking for that recipe since about three o’clock this afternoon. I first searched all of our handwritten recipes. Then I went through all of the many desert cookbooks that we own. I found the briefcase with my old scouting notes. There were plenty of fine memories, but no recipe. I am sick so I am pretty much done for tonight, but the search will resume tomorrow. I think a friend who was the scouter might remember this recipe, and failing that there are only about 43,674,849 links for jello and cool whip recipes on the internet. You can see what this kind of thing does to me.

It usually starts off quite simply with Louise looking in jacket pockets and under the papers on the table. I will ask “What you looking for Hon?”

She will say “Oh, I can’t find my keys/keycard/coupon/1945 victory nickel. It doesn’t matter, it will turn up.”

Thus begins a search that will begin rather haphazardly just lifting a few papers on the table to eventually become a full blown grid search starting systematically at the top of the house and moving methodically to the deepest recesses of the basement. The search and rescue people would do well to document my methods. I will have spent the day looking for said keys/keycard/coupon/1945 victory nickel, when Louise will come home and tell me that it was in her purse the whole time. What can I say but “Wow, that’s good to know?”

I can’t tell you how often I have spent an hour or two looking for a particular tool that I have misplaced. I have two work areas and my tools will migrate from one to the other with alarming frequency. I will search both areas, give up and return to the search the next day. This can go on for what seems like weeks, and I will casually mention it to Brendan and he will tell me that he borrowed it a while back. Remember?

No, I don’t remember, that is the problem!

I have spent hours looking for a book that I am reading, only to remember that I read that particular book, years before. I will take books out of the library only to discover that not only have I read them, but that I have read them rather recently.

Hats were once made using mercury which would cause neurological damage, leading to the phrase “mad as a hatter”. I am beginning to think that I have mercury poisoning. I wouldn’t mind being forgetful if I could grow wings on my feet and fly.

Well, I best get to bed as I have a busy day ahead of me. Sometimes, things that are lost will be revealed in our dreams. I wonder if I can find my sanity.

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