Monday 26 September 2011

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

I saw an odd thing while I was driving home the other day. Now, bear in mind that I wasn’t driving home from the bar, and I hadn’t been out in the sun for too long. To the best of my knowledge, I have never had one of those re-occurrences that the police, politicians and our local drug dealers promised us all of those years ago.

Has anyone ever had one? I wonder if there is a law firm somewhere in California that is representing thousands of former drug users in a class action suit. Who would they sue? What would they ask for? I guess they could ask for a yet to be determined number of highs. If they won the suit, got the drugs for all of the thousands of old druggies and then mailed everyone their fair share of the settlement, would the lawyers then be arrested for trafficking and transporting illegal goods across state lines. It might be worth signing up, I am not very fond of lawyers and to have a whole law firm doing “hard” time (if you know what I mean) would certainly bring a tear to this old hippie’s eye.

So, anyways, I am driving along this empty street in the middle of the suburbs and the only person I am sharing it with was walking along the sidewalk coming towards me. It turns out that the person was a late teens or early twenties girl that was carrying just a few too many pounds. I thought at first that she was wearing a pair of those large studio head phones, but it turns out she was wearing a set of furry, white ears. Needless to say, nothing on the road was half as interesting as this young girl, so I gave her all of my attention. She also was wearing a big, white fluffy tail that nearly touched the pavement. The ears and tail were obviously home made and judging from the frown on her face, they gave her no joy.

It is kind of sad to see someone wearing a white cat’s ears and tail and not be at least happy about it. She reminded me of that Blind Melon video from a few years back called “No Rain”.

 She wasn’t wearing any other part of a costume, just a t-shirt and jeans. I kind of wanted to stop and ask her “What’s with the ears and tail?” That was one of those moments that are few and far between in my life where the filter between my brain and mouth was working. It is entirely possible that this girl was nuts! She probably wasn’t, but why should I take the chance?

I watched her continue walking down the road, with her head hanging down and I suppose that frown remained on her face. She was walking by a vacant lot that was filled with ground squirrels, but she didn’t once try to pounce on one. I was kind of thinking at this point that she might be my version of Harvey the six foot rabbit. She didn’t seem to be very interested in me,however, so I just kept driving. I kind of wonder where she was headed, and if it was possible she would get there without any police interference.

I guess that sometimes you just feel like a cat and sometimes you feel like a nut!

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