Friday 16 September 2011


I was having coffee with a friend and his wife on their back deck this afternoon, just enjoying the warmish weather and feeling just the tiniest bit sorry for myself since I have a late summer cold. The coffee was hot, the wind was cool, the sun was bright and the companionship was warm. It was pretty much the perfect early fall day.

I guess the fact that I was supposed to be working and wasn’t; made it that much more enjoyable. I don’t mind work, but it does get tiresome after a while. Yep, playing hooky in the fall sunshine is a slice of heaven.

We sat on the back deck and discussed the world and how odd it was that people have different opinions than we do. We floated from politics to work, then on to children and in-laws, the city and their projects, reminisced about years gone by and watched their dog Zooey chase a plastic Frisbee. There is a larger than normal amount of ladybugs this year, because there is a larger than normal amount of aphids. I suppose that there is a larger than normal amount of whatever it is that aphids eat and so on down the food chain.

The leaves on the trees and bushes are just now starting to turn from a vibrant green, and taking on a more yellow or reddish tinge. The clouds were just wisps on an robins egg. The apples on their tree are ripe and starting to fall on the ground which if not picked up regularly will give Zooey gastric difficulties. Like I said, pretty much the perfect early fall day.

There was what I call “Floating Fairies” dancing all over the sky. There seemed to be hundreds of them which I have always believed to be exceedingly good luck. You see if you can catch these floating fairies then you will have good luck. You can’t be ham fisted and squash them between your large sausage like fingers, but you must have a very delicate touch. It should be as if the fairies deigned to land lightly in your palm, give it a kiss and then fly off on whatever business it is that floating fairies have.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it isn’t good luck like catching a Leprechaun or finding the Genie of the lamp, but rather more like winning a sunny disposition. I saw that a fairy had become entangled on one of Pat’s plants and I got up and set it free. That isn’t good luck, it is just good karma. I guess it can’t hurt to have helped a fairy whether at work or at play.

They looked at me and wondered what I was doing and when I sat back down I explained about the floating Fairies. I don’t think they are converts to the whole idea, but I bet I can convince my grandsons.

I thanked Ken and Patricia for the coffee and conversation and decided to go home and rest my weary, sick bones. When I got to my car, I opened my hand and wished the fairy a good day and watched as it flew off with the wind.

Ken asked me “If everything was alright?”

I smiled, waved and told him “Everything is just perfect!”


  1. What are the floating fairies? I want to look for them.

  2. I will send you a picture. The one in the blog is kind of small.