Thursday 22 September 2011

FUCK YOU to Gary Templeton

I just passed 4000 page views! Thanks to everyone that somehow stumbled on to the blog and stayed long enough to read it. I hope that you get as much enjoyment reading this as I do writing it. Thanks again...

The blog started as a way of letting people know how our Hawaiian vacation was going. I think that it was pretty successful and accomplished what I had set out to do. While I was writing it, I found that I enjoyed the whole process and that the hour or so it takes to write every day is not only beneficial, but therapeutic. It helps me to focus my thoughts and in some cases to rewrite my history. My memory isn’t perfect, and sometimes reality needs a little kick to make it more palatable.
There was this guy at my grade school that would terrorize all of the younger kids. His name was Gary Templeton. This is the kind of dick that the stop bullying campaigns were meant to take care of. You know, as far as I am concerned, a wooden cross and four nails would be the best way to rehabilitate this guy. He and his little gang of thugs would terrorize the kids at recess and I am sure that if anyone had anything worth stealing back then, he would have taken it.
I can remember vividly one beautiful spring day after school; I was leaving the playground and going down the stairs when I saw Gary! I walked to the far side of the stairs, but it wasn’t far enough to avoid it when he hocked a loogie in my face. I was in grade three and he was probably grade eight, what was I to do? I started to run and cry at the same time and heard his laughter following me.

You know, I did run into Gary years later when I was a strapping young man. On that tearful walk home back then, I had vowed to beat the living daylights out of him if the opportunity ever came up. Like I say, I ran into this guy with his name embroidered on his coveralls, pumping gas. I asked him if he went to Maryvale public school, and he said. “yeah, why?” I just said that he looked like a guy that I knew once. It turns out that while I was busy growing up, Gary was pretty much the same size that he was in grade eight. It turns out that God had a much better punishment in store for Gary than a beating, a lifetime of being a tiny jerk. Good one God!

I am sure that in some ways that incident has affected the person that I am now, and I should possibly thank the little prick. Well, I am not that kind of person. Here is a big FUCK YOU to Gary Templeton.

Thanks again for reading and I hope that I can keep it entertaining or at the very least, establish a basis for an insanity defence.


  1. Gongrats to you Ken and it is well deserved for being able to keep us amused for this long. Our attention spans in this world of ever changing technology is limited, but some how you push forward and we follow ! Now after saying that you have 59 more years to blog,you will either run out of worthy stories or you will become a fiction writer. B

  2. I realize that most people have the attention span of a fruit fly, including me. where was I? Oh yeah...A good portion is fiction now, but since I don't know which is which, why don't we just call it all fact.

  3. The fact is we worked at the P.O. all those years, but we also know that to be fiction. B

  4. I'm working for them right now, from the comfort of my home.

  5. Hey Ken how it be? When I was 2 my Dad was killed. My Mom remarried when I was 10. In the next 8 years I attended 14 schools ,Yup 14 sets of school yard pricks somehow found a need to abuse the skinny new kid with the funny name. Your story kinda in some way helped me bury a bit of that crap. NO forgiveness though. cheers

  6. I guess I could never be a messiah because I don't have that "forgiveness" gene. I don't want to kill these people with my bare hands, but there won't be any tears is they die a horrible death. I come.