Wednesday 4 May 2011

Win Or Lose

I went to watch my grandson play soccer tonight. When I say play soccer, I mean that he and a bunch of under four year olds tried their best to ignore the soccer ball while their parents were screaming at them and pointing where they should be.

They looked so cute in their uniforms. The shirts were normal looking (keep and eye on #11 Team Jamaica) while the shorts were kind of like two soft, black buckets sewn together. I suspect that the socks were tucked into the waistband of the shorts. Most of the running was done heading away from the ball, sometimes with tears and I guess sometimes just to see what Mom and Dad were yelling about. I was more than surprised to see the ball go into the goal on more than one occasion. I am pretty sure there was no skill involved, but in the net it went.

Funny, I can remember when our kids were that age and playing soccer. It didn’t matter who won or lost, just to be out with mom and dad and how exciting it all was, and wouldn’t it be better without having to worry about that stupid ball.

It gets pretty serious awfully quickly. The stacking of teams, the political manoeuvring and let’s not forget that being the coach of a Division 1 team looks good on the old resume. Nope, this is the best time. No one cares who wins or loses, just who has the most fun.

That would be me I guess. One thing is sure, I will be at all of his games and he can rest assure that Papa will be just as nuts, win or lose.

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