Wednesday 18 May 2011

If You Need A God, I’m Available

I am having a hard time understanding why people can’t get their heads around Arnold Schwarzenegger and his illegitimate child. Craig Ferguson was right on when he said “I am stunned that people are stunned!”

I just expect that kind of behaviour from the rich and famous. Let’s see, lately there has been Arnold, Strauss-Khan, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, the late Michael Jackson, etc. etc. etc… The tabloids and television media just love to point their crooked little fingers and cry “Who do they think they are? They are just the same as we are!” Not by a long shot!

These people are human and they eat, get rid of waste, procreate (a lot), get sick, do drugs (a lot), spend money (a lot), adopt cute foreign children (a lot) and do most of the other things that define our humanness. The difference is that WE, yes WE have created them and their larger than life personas. Not different than us? Do you make $2,000,000 for a weeks work? Do you have waiters keep your used Kleenex and sell it on Ebay? Do the paparazzi follow you everywhere you go?

A single photo of one of the “A” list can earn a photographer $100,000. The first thing people read in the paper every morning is the entertainment and Style section. We watch so many entertainment news shows that there is now a whole channel of the crap. What do we do at the checkout in the grocery store? Yep, we pick up one of the many magazines about stars diets, which married leading lady is cheating with which married man, how to look just like your favourite hottie. It is enough to make me sick! Yes, I would probably sell my soul to attain just a small portion of their wealth and talent.

The truth is that a lot of these rich and famous people are truly superior beings. Oh, sure they are lucky and were in the right place at the right time, but when you read about them and dig through the garbage that is written about them you will find very driven and skilled people. Usually they are talented in more than one field. They may be obnoxious, but I feel that most could not be anything other than what they are.

Chicken or the egg? We made it possible for them to live in the clouds. When you tell someone that they are gods long enough they tend to believe it. Look at Michael Jackson. Do they deserve it? Does anyone? I think no, but I don’t really care one way or the other and I hope that one day I will be “lucky”.

If you need a new god, I am available.

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