Friday 6 May 2011

Mob or Mighty Mouse?

A couple of interesting things happened today. The first involves Louise’s SD 1000 Canon camera. We aren’t sure of the reason, but whenever she turns the camera off it makes this interesting grinding sound. Now, I am not what you would call a techie by any stretch of the imagination, but even I know that delicate electronic equipment should never make a grinding noise. Not, sometimes it should grind but NEVER should it grind!

Now, here in Calgary we are lucky to have the Canon factory/distribution office/warehouse/service centre just a few minutes drive away. I checked to see if they had a service department on line and after taking the dog for a walk thought that I would stop by on the way to Brendan’s, whose home I am keeping an eye on while he is away. I pulled into the Canon parking lot and parked the car in the spot marked “Customers”, waddled up to the door and greeted the receptionist whit a cheery “Good Morning. Could you tell me where the service department is?”  Strangely, she got out of her chair and took a couple of steps back and said “ Ahhh… service for what?” Since I was holding a camera in my hand, I thought it was pretty obvious and just held it up so that she might have a better look at it.

“Oh!” she said, inching forward and taking a card from the counter top and handing it to me. “We don’t do that here anymore. Not for two years.”  Well, I thanked her and took the card and Louise’s camera out the door, down the steps and into my car.

But the fucking internet said they were a service department! Why don’t they date stamp entries on Google? I know someone that works at Google and see if I can get an answer. Don’t hold your breath. OK, so where is this service centre? Whitby Ontario! I just sent a package there to Louise’s mom. Hmmm…Now I have to decide if it is worth sending it there. What I don’t get is that you would think with the explosion of digital cameras they would need more service centres not fewer. Could it be that they can’t repair them and just want to make it so difficult that you will go out and buy a new camera? NAHHHH!!! That can’t be it.

So, on to Brendan’s to make sure that his house and vehicles are still there and make sure that the mail gets taken in and sorted according to class. It’s a letter carrier thing.

Good news, the house is still there and all is right with the world. There is one strange thing. I noticed two dead ladybugs in their kitchen sink. I don’t know about you, but this starts the old brain a–thinkin’. I guess the obvious question is where did they come from? The house has been sealed up for two weeks and before that about six months of winter. They have like four smallish plants so I can’t imagine a ladybug colony thriving in their house. However, the fact remains that there are two dead ladybugs in their sink.

They could be pets that I wasn’t aware of and failed to feed. People have all sorts of strange pets, spiders, snakes, rats, guinea pigs, etc… They probably aren’t pets. Perhaps they are very small cat burglars looking for a fortune in cash or gems. Being so small they wouldn’t need much to make it a great haul. So, if they are burglars, who interrupted the heist and well, off’ed them? It could be that they are rogue thieves that didn’t give the Mob their percentage of the heist. They could also have run afoul of a tiny superhero, like oh; I don’t know…Mighty Mouse. Not the mouse of yesteryear, but the dark and brooding new Mighty Mouse of today that left the ladybugs there as a message to others that this house is off limits.

However they got in the sink will quite possibly remain a mystery. They are still there by the way and will remain there until Brendan gets back or sends me an email to get rid of them. If he is reading the blog then I will hear from him, and if not… I am not coming home to a house that has had two dead bodies rotting in the kitchen for three weeks.

Besides, I am not stupid enough to mess with the Mob or Mighty Mouse

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