Thursday 12 May 2011

Want To Get McHappy?

Today at McDonald’s restaurants it is McHappy Day. One dollar from the sale of every Big Mac, Happy Meal, and any size coffee and tea will go to local children’s charities. Kudos to McDonalds!

The best part is as Brendan says, that you can eat fast food guilt free. Personally I have never felt guilty about fast food. I’ve never met a burger that I didn’t like, unless you count that veggie burger from Boogie Burgers, but why would you? Louise and I decided to do our civic duty to help out the Calgary children’s charities. You know, they say it is for charity but when you ask them for an official tax receipt they look at you like they don’t understand English. OK, in this instance he probably didn’t understand.

The deal is that for any hamburger, Happy Meal or drink you order they will donate one dollar to some children’s charity. What do you think, Ronald McDonald House? I really couldn’t care less which charity gets the money just so long as I get my burger. Now, as far as I am concerned every meal there is a happy meal. We were a little surprised that the “restaurant” wasn’t more crowded, but then I guess not everyone is as giving as we are.

On our way out Louise noticed that there was a couple sitting in the car next to where we parked that had been there since before we went in. Well, that is a little odd. It is possible that they choose to eat in their car because they like the lingering smell of cheap meat and undercooked fries in their car. I thought that perhaps they were having some kind of relationship difficulties and what better place to work them out than the parking lot of a McDonalds? Louise thought that they were probably waiting for someone else to come and join them for dinner. Oh, I know! They are undercover cops and they are on a stakeout!

There had been reports of this guy hanging out at different McDonalds restaurants getting chummy with the kids, giving them toys and treats and offering to “blow” up balloons for them. He is known to hang out with the Hamburgler, Grimace, the Fry Kids and Mister big himself, Mayor McCheese. They had a description of this pedo-pervert. He has longish , wavy bright red hair, a pasty white face with large red lips and the tip of his nose is also red. High arched eyebrows with painted on teardrops under each eye. He has extraordinarily large feet and he wears red shoes with yellow laces. He wears a yellow jumpsuit with red and white striped socks and arms. He usually has a large “M” monogrammed on his chest. He is rarely seen without his trademark yellow gloves.

“Hey there little boy! Want to get McHappy?”

Is this a friendly family restaurant? I don’t think so…and neither do the detectives in the parking lot.

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  1. I much prefer the halibut burgers here on the island and in doing so I'm supporting the local fisherman, and that makes me Mchappy! B