Wednesday 25 May 2011

Jumpin' Puddles


I guess we need it to make things grow. Mushrooms, mould, mildew, mosquitoes and mud puddles, where would we be without them? I am getting a little foggy about this, but don’t we also need sunshine for things to grow?

Speaking of puddles, This little boy arrives late to class and the substitute teacher says ”Tommy why are you late?”
“I’m sorry teacher, but I was jumping puddles.” Tommy replied.
Not a minute later, another little boy came into class and the teacher said “ Billy, why are you late?”
“I’m sorry teacher, but I was jumping puddles.” Billy told her.
No sooner had Billy sat down, and the door opened and a little girl came in. The teacher who by this time was exasperated said “I suppose you were jumping puddles too!”
“Jumping puddles? I am Puddles!”

Remembering old rain jokes is just something to do while it is raining. I feel badly for the farmers, they had a late start with early spring snowstorms which kept them off of the fields and now we are having fairly constant rain and no breaks to dry the fields up. I just hope they can grow enough food to keep me fat and happy. You would think that there would be an up side and my lawn would look spectacular. Not so much. The lawn is pretty much on it’s own for most of the year, I don’t bother it and it doesn’t bother me. The front lawn likes this agreement, but the back lawn is just impossible to talk to. I will rake and fertilize sort of and I did buy an aerator from Lee Valley tools a few years back and every now and then I put holes in my yard at regular intervals. I don’t think they do much for the lawn, but the worms probably consider them a super highway.

Tonight is a soccer night for my grandson and I don’t think I will be there. It is cold and damp and the mosquitoes will be the size of a Messerschmitt. Speaking of which, our dog left a Messerschmitt on the dining room floor this weekend while we were out. Every now and then he does this to keep us on our toes and I suppose to remind me just who the boss is. Well, anyway I hope that it is a good soccer game and Arwen and Chris manage to stay warm. I bet they don’t last the whole game. Any takers?

I shouldn’t complain about the rain when the people in the Midwestern United States are getting pounded by tornados. Really, that is their problem not mine. I will give moral support for the struggle to get back to a normal life, but whatever they were doing to anger Karma they should stop right now! I just checked the weather network and it looks like we can expect sunshine by Monday. That is a long way off and the forecasters have just about the same accuracy in predictions as that “end of the world” whack job.

Oops, got to go. It stopped raining and I have to go and water the plants.

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  1. What is the chance I can get your doctors ph #, I feel a cough coming on! B