Sunday 29 May 2011

They Mostly Come Out At Night...Mostly

Today was my grandson Ewan’s forth birthday.


Today was the family birthday, the fun one at Chuck E Cheese with his friends was yesterday. There was pizza and games and noise and pop and gifts and candy and balloons and just general mayhem. My daughter commented on facebook was” When I die, I’ll know I was a bad person if I'm stuck at Chuck E. Cheese forever.” That has been my take on that particular restaurant since I first stepped over the threshold. I wasn’t invited L. I probably wouldn’t have gone, but it would have been nice to have had the opportunity to say no.

That last bit was trying to guilt my daughter. The trouble with that is that she would actually have to care how I felt to feel guilty herself. Oh well, I shall continue to suffer in silence.

Ewie was the perfect host. He was downstairs playing games when I arrived and I guess his mom or dad had to go and tell him that his guests had started to arrive.

You know an interesting social fact is that if you are fashionably late people think you are a social butterfly, but when you are fashionably early they just think you are an asshole. I am, unfortunately, the later.

Louise was sick and had to stay home and miss out on the festivities. Ewie came out wearing some of his gifts from yesterday. He had a watch and a Spiderman cape. I’ve got watches, but now I want the cape. I am not above stealing from my grandson, but I couldn’t even get it over my head. Too many brains do you think?

We sat around baking in the sun which is pretty rare in Alberta. Surprisingly I wasn’t that keen on it. So we are sitting around with drinks talking adult talk just killing time till the gift opening. Ewie got some cool soccer nets and ball and he proceeded to embarrass his uncle Brendan. He mainly got clothes from everybody which are admittedly difficult to play with but are much appreciated by mom and dad. There is a gift on its way that will be at least a three beer assembly.

I gave him a large magnifying glass. Oh I know that it might not be appropriate, but how cool is it to be able to look at bugs up close and personal? I made a pact with myself not to be the one to show him how to start fire with it. Fire like all technological advancements should come with maturity and sophistication of the society or person. His dad set to burning things right away. I like that guy!

I can’t imagine the number of hours I spent on my belly in front of an ant hill with a magnifying glass in hand as a kid. I guess that is why I have nightmares about the King of the ants. He is about eight feet tall when standing on his hind legs and looks like a …well…ant. Only really big and pissed off. Every time that I see a cracked sidewalk or driveway I know where the King tried to get out. It is just a matter of time before he gets me. That is why I carry a magnifying glass with me at all times! Now, I will admit that it wouldn’t do too much harm to the King, but I am hoping that just the sight of the Torch Killer with his weapon of choice will send him back into the earth where he belongs.

So, good family birthday and I probably won’t sleep for days. They mostly come out at night…mostly.

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