Thursday 22 August 2013

Willing To Risk Alzheimer’s

Why is it that we do things that we know aren’t good for us?

Some of us will eat potato chips and chocolate when we are thinking about how much we need to lose weight. Maybe it is the stress of wanting to lose pounds and not actually knowing how to go about it that makes us eat. Maybe it is just the salty goodness and the silky smooth feeling on your tongue. Maybe it’s just the fact that no one really cares how we look anymore, including your self. Maybe you read an article once that said that eating vegetables (potato chips) and cocoa are actually good for you. Cocoa is said to improve the cardiovascular system, reduces the risks of cancer, coughing and heart disease. Not to mention the improvement it gives to improve the neurons firing in your brain. Well, I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere.

We watch TV which is really just a way to numb our minds so that we don’t notice what the people in power are actually doing. Mind you, if you are watching a show about the negative effects of watching too much TV, then it would be good for you. Well, not the commercials of course. Well, unless the commercial was about how to improve your brain power by eating chocolate.

We use aluminium pots for cooking and there are some suspicions that there is a correlation between the use of these pots and Alzheimer’s disease. That has pretty much been proven to be wrong. We would have to ingest far more aluminium than we do for it to have any ill effects. Well, that’s what the study sponsored by the Aluminium Manufacturers Association tells us. If you can’t believe the manufacturer, then who can you believe?

When I was a boy, aluminium was relatively new and things made of it were cheap and long lasting. We had aluminium plates, aluminium glasses, aluminium pots, aluminium cutlery and pretty much anything else that could be made from aluminium was made from aluminium. I remember how on hot summer days my mom would put ice cubes (from the aluminium ice cube tray) into aluminium glasses that were painted bright primary colours and then pour ice cold Kool-Aid into them. The glasses would sweat almost immediately and not only did the cool liquid soothe your insides, but the glasses cooled your hands and face. It was heaven on earth in a made in Canada, “Wear-Ever”, aluminium glass.
I have been looking in the second hand store for one of these glasses for three years, and today I found two, one red and one green. Tomorrow when the temperature climbs above 25° I plan to cut the lawn and when I am finished, all hot, sweaty and with a need to quench my thirst, I will come in the house, put some ice cubes in the red aluminium glass, pour in some Kool-Aid and take a trip back in time to when life was simpler.

Sure, it might not be good for me, but the little boy in me is willing to risk Alzheimer’s just this once…

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