Friday 16 August 2013

Friends of Friends

I really don’t know anything about Facebook. That’s not true, I know how to post and read comments, how to block people and really, that’s about it. I guess it was set up to be easy and it must be because over 1.11 billion people use facebook and we all know that there are no where near that many smart people in the world.

What I mean is that I don’t understand why so many people take it so very seriously. To me it is a way to remember friends birthdays (you get a notification), view pictures of grand kids and friends that are far away. Sometimes I even chat live with people, but that is pretty unsatisfying and just calling them on the phone or Skye would be infinitely better. I make stupid comments on other peoples postings and I kind of expect them to take the comments in the spirit they are given.

I just can’t figure out why people will put such personally revealing information out there for everyone to see. Some of this stuff you should really keep to yourselves.

The way that I look at it is if someone doesn’t make a comment, they feel what you have said goes without saying, that you’re full of shit and they don’t want to be rude or they actually happen to have a life and are out doing something and not sitting in front of the computer. I don’t care what people think about what I write, well, you are reading this blog so you already know that, and they can comment or not comment as they see fit. No one should take facebook seriously enough that it will affect real world friendships.
I made a comment today on a friend’s status which was about a police shooting in Toronto. I personally don’t feel it was necessary for the cops to shoot a knife wielding guy nine times and then taser him for good measure. I don’t have the whole story and I am sure the cops were legally justified in their actions. This friend of a friend came to the defence of the cops and seemed to be really quite upset about my comment. If I had to guess, I would say that he is either a retired cop or the father of a cop and “knows” how unjust everyone is to these defenders of justice. There are a lot of good cops and there are some bad cops that is the way of the world. Just to be clear, cops that pump nine rounds into a teen age boy with a knife are leaning towards the bad cop end of the spectrum.
Facebook is not a fit venue to discuss these things. Facebook is designed as a fun thing and should be used that way. If on the other hand we decide to use it for serious discussions, you have to be aware that the guy who was a class clown in school will still be a goof and someone that was an opinionated jerk in school is more than likely still an opinionated jerk. Someone that was a power hungry bully in school is more than likely to be the cop holding a smoking gun over the body of a teenager.

Oh, to all of the friends of friends that don’t agree with what I say….FUCK YOU!!!!!

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