Friday 30 August 2013

In Spite of POG

I’d like to believe in a supreme being that watches over us like a doting parent trying to protect us from the big boys on the playground. I’d like to believe, but it is pretty hard when you see all of the pain, suffering and death in the world.

The vast majority of people on the planet are affiliated in some way with a religion that worships one of these beings. Is it possible that I, with my doubts could be more correct than billions of people? Yeah, sure that makes sense. I suspect that I just don’t understand the complexities of worship and or deities. Perhaps it is the other way around and the deities need to understand me before I can understand them. I’m not really that complex, well I shouldn’t be for an all knowing, all seeing, omniscient God.

Lately I have come to think that the reason I don’t understand just how things work is that I am not privy to the big picture. I generally have just a snapshot or a moment in time of the picture. That’s is with normal things like why when I was working a week or so ago I would put tape down on the floor one day and the next day I would pull the same tape up and then put more tape down in another place which was pulled up a day or two later I suppose. Someone must know what is going on. Maybe it is God. Could it be like in primitive times when there were Gods for everything? Maybe I was dealing with the God of the Post Office. Perhaps it was Post Office God (POG) that decided to cut me a cheque for 56 hours of work instead of the 16 hours I worked. Maybe I won’t have to pay that money back; it’s from POG after all.

A friend of mine is in the hospital tonight, and many of his friends and myself have been sending prayers to him. I suspect that most people wish him well and some may pray to their Gods to intervene on his behalf. I have sent in a request to POG, since he is a retired Postal Worker and his wife is still working in the service of POG. I also covered my bets, and told him to avoid the light at all cost on his wife’s facebook feed. That should take care of it.

Generally though, I just think that God has better things to do than to watch over us all every day. I don’t think He really cares if I have impure thoughts or if I touch myself in an impure manner. He might care that some greedy bastards bring the world to the brink of financial collapse, but it doesn’t look like they are going to pay in this lifetime or this plane of existence. I have seen people praying for a solution to problems and seemingly not getting an answer. Thousands of children go hungry every day and there are people that suffer painful, unjust deaths, with God watching. I guess they just don’t see the big picture.

The only time that I really see the hand of God is when it seems as if things are finally working in my favour, only to have something happen to upset my apple cart. It is a real pain in the ass. Not a pain in the ass like children starving or financial ruin at the hands of greedy bankers and politicians you understand.

It could be that my God is POG and he is putting all of his effort into the new “Postal Transformation” that promises to bring the Post Office into the new century, the 1900’s.

I pray for my friends, family to have health and happiness, and for the little corner of the universe that I live in to make sense. You know, it generally does. In spite of POG.

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