Wednesday 28 August 2013

Safe Place

I’ve lost one of those remotes for my Blue-Ray player. We have two Blue-Ray movies and although they are good movies, “The Complete Harry Potter” and “Cars II”. However, no matter how good they are there is a point where you just don’t want to see the movie for a year or two. Well, unless you happen to be a three year old and then you can and do watch the same movie seven or eight hundred times. We picked up the Blue-Ray player in anticipation of the eventual accumulation of many and varied Blue-Ray movies. So far there hasn’t been a lot of accumulation.

I tried to keep the control near the machine, but what with irregular tidying up and a three year old that acts more like a magpie or a squirrel than a human boy, it has disappeared. I have searched in all of the places that I think I would have put it so that I would be able to find it whenever I wanted to, but so far no luck. Louise is generally one of those people that will leave something where it belongs so that it will be easily found. It’s a crazy system, but there is a certain logic to that method.

I have tried to think like a three year old packrat, but so far I haven’t had any luck. I have checked the heating vents, under the furniture, all of the toy boxes, drawers that can be reached and any container that might just hide a Blue-Ray remote. I am praying that it wasn’t tossed in the garbage, because as foolish as it may sound now, I didn’t search the out going trash every time that Tornado had been here.

Part of my problem in the search is that I have every remote control for every machine that I have ever owned and some for machines that I never owned, and they are scattered all over the house. I have found about fifteen remote controls so far and the search still continues.
You might be wondering why. Well, you just never know when you might have a need for a twenty year old VHS controller. They are great for toys…not really. I might take them apart and make that awesome Borg costume from the parts…not yet. They might be worth something in the future to someone who has the machine but not the remote…not never.

So, now I am looking at the remotes that say “Universal Remote” and I am wondering if I kept the directions on how to set them up for a Blue-Ray player. Most of them were purchased before Blue-Ray was invented, but they should work…right?
I can work the machine by getting up and pushing buttons, but that is so 1950’s. If I wanted to get exercise, I wouldn’t be watching TV; I would be going for a walk. I did watch the first part of the Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, but I couldn’t really pay attention because I was wondering where the damned remote was. ACCIO…Blue-Ray remote… nope.

I know that it will turn up once I have forgotten that I am looking for it, but since I will have forgotten about it I will just leave it in that safe place.

You know the safe place where it is easy to find…

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