Saturday 10 August 2013

The Garmin Bitch

Louise paddled in a 24 kilometre race on Lake Okanagan today and won gold in the Senior Masters. Her team paddled the distance in 2 hours and 25 minutes. I don't know much about paddling, but thats pretty good for anyone, let alone a bunch of old broads. Good going Louise...

There was an awards banquet/presentation tonight at this beautiful home on the lake. It would be nice to have a property large enough to accommodate a couple of hundred people, eating, drinking and cavorting about. Truthfully, most of them had just paddled 24 K today so there probably wasn't going to be much cavorting.

We used the Garmin to get us there and I think that it is a little pissed off with us. Firstly, we just don't use it very much and I suppose that every thing wants to feel useful. Secondly, we  loan it out to friends and family that need it, like a cheap hooker and it was most recently in Phoenix AZ. What ever the reason is, it has been taking us on a wild goose chase or two this weekend. Once it took us to the wrong lake entirely and tonight it showed us the seedy side Vernon. Okay, there isn't a lot of difference between the good side and the seedy side. That's a little BC bashing.

When we finally arrived at our destination on the left, there was a cliff on the right and what appeared to be air on the left. We knew we were in the right spot however because of the two hundred cars that were clogging the highway on both sides. I dropped Louise off at the driveway and drove off to find a parking spot. When I go back to Louise there was an asphalt goat path that the owners called a driveway. Louise and I held on to each other for balance going down.Well, I told her it was for balance, but if things got out of hand, I planned on pushing her in front of me to cushion the fall. It isn't the manly thing to do, but I can live with that.

When we got to the bottom, there was a beautiful house, yard and several out buildings. There was dock space for about eight boats, but this guy only had five. Times must be tough.  We went to get a couple of drinks and after perusing the list I asked for a Coke and and Iced Tea. The guy said they were out of Coke and Iced Tea, and all they had left was Sprite or water. I told him to cancel the Coke and Iced tea, I changed my mind and wanted two Sprites.

There was food, conversation, give aways, a 50-50 draw and of course the award presentation. It was a good time and by the end I was happy we had gone. Not as happy as I was to be leaving, but happy just the same. We did have the asphalt goat path to navigate, but Louise and I managed to get to the top without my complaining too much. When I reached the top, I did the "Rocky" dance with my hands in the air while the music in my mind went "Da da dah..da da dah...da da da da da da dah..." Louise smacked me and we got in the car and drove back to the motel.

We left the Garmin bitch in the glove compartment, she can give the wrong directions to the kleenex and the road maps for a while.

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