Sunday 4 August 2013

Crammed to the Eyeballs With Sugar

Just a short one for tonight, due to exhaustion.

We are looking after Hurricane and Tornado for a few days while Arwen and her husband are taking a well deserved vacation. They are in a lovely looking/sounding place in Arizona. I said they are taking a well deserved vacation, I didn’t say they were very bright. Only fools would take a summer vacation in a hot place. I’m sure they will have fun once the sun stroke takes over.

Meanwhile, back in Sanityland, we are watching cartoons, going to playgrounds, seeing food go uneaten (rare in this house), playing with toys, sending kids to bed, wishing we would be sent to bed, eating treats, running, punching, laughing, crying, bleeding, reading stories and just generally having a good time. I expect that tomorrow will be a carbon copy of today, with different playgrounds and cartoons.

The only thing we have plenty of is tired. The boys are recharging their batteries right now, but Louise and I are flopped in front of TV making an attempt to come down from the supercharged day we had. Soon I will go to bed and I have the feeling that the second I close my eyes I will be asleep. Well, until I hear little feet in the night going to the bathroom or coming in to snuggle the first thing in the morning. That makes it all worth while…almost.

I hope that Arwen and Chris are having a great time and that when they return their boys are in more or less the same shape they left them in. Perhaps a little happier, a teensy bit older, just a touch wiser and of course crammed to the eyeballs with sugar.

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