Friday 1 March 2013

We Get What We Deserve

I am one of those people that like to believe the people in authority actually know what they are doing. You are happy that the teachers are smarter than the students they teach for the most part. One exception was Mr. Stapley’s English class, but to be fair the class was one of readers. We had all read the course list of books by the second week and for a few of us it wasn’t our first time reading some of the books. He didn’t have a chance. We were fuelled by youth, a belief that we couldn’t be wrong and liberal amounts of free thinking. That was a fun year. He would get all upset when one of us would correct him on aspects of the books and even his interpretations of the author’s meanings.
You want to think that the vast majority of police officers are honest and trust worthy. I believe that if a cop gives you a ticket for speeding, then you were more than likely speeding and he wasn’t attempting to fill a quota. When you see a couple of cops sitting in a squad car, they are doing so with the purpose of catching someone that is committing a crime. When you call the police and they don’t show up, it is better to think that they are involved in some ongoing investigation, not waiting in line at Tim’s for a chocolate glazed and a double, double in a roll-up-the-rim cup.

I’d like to think that our religious leaders would set a high moral standard. When a Cardinal that is a runner ups for Pope has to resign due to allegations of questional morality, that is kind of depressing. I’m not too surprised that the Pope himself is retiring and unlike some people, I believe that he is one of the few over the centuries that realize age and infirmity are good reasons to step down. Part of the reason I don’t think it is a hidden scandal is what could be big enough to force a man that is God’s representative on earth to retire. If there were some kind of situation that big, then his personal army would “take care” of the whistle blower. Certainly not pedophilia, that has almost become common place in the church.
I don’t want to leave out the other religious leaders that have encouraged terrorists and bombing of innocent peoples throughout the world in the name of God. Some of our fundamentalist church leaders have in the past been members of the KKK and preached segregation to keep the races pure. I think that under all of the bigotry and greed they actually believe they are clean living, devout men and women of God.

I want to believe that the people who run our corporations have the greater good in mind when making decisions that affect all of us. Further down the corporate ladder it would be nice to think the supervisors got their jobs due to knowledge and good people skills. That hasn’t been my experience, it seems that a lot of promotions come due to seniority or the ability to swallow the bosses shit and kiss his ass at the same time. There are far too many that are promoted beyond their capabilities and the people who promoted them keep them in place because they don’t want to admit a mistake. The Post Office is going through with a billion dollar upgrade which will more or less keep the service at or below where it is now. Shrewd!

I used to think that our politicians despite the partisan politics had our best interests at heart. Of course I can’t believe that any more. Politicians are in the business of getting re-elected, not governing. I want to think that they are much smarter than I am and have the ability to organize and plan for our needs far into the future. Turns out they are just a bunch of greedy pricks!

One guy in Alberta yesterday was quoted as saying “I certainly have no sympathy for child molesters, but I do have some grave doubts about putting people in jail because of their taste in pictures”. This guy, Tom Flanagan, was once the advisor to our Prime Minister Steven Harper, managed the Wild Rose party’s campaign last year, and is a regular political commentator on TV. I don’t care what his core beliefs are, what I care about is that this guy managed to get in a position where he was helping to decide policy in our country.

This is not the first political scandal and I am sure it won’t be the last. More than likely in a week or so we will all be more concerned with the next movie that Brad Pitt will be staring in. 
We get what we deserve. 

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