Friday 8 March 2013

Send Me a Little Pity

I know that it seems I am always at the dentist, and if you feel that way, can you imagine how I feel?

Yes, today I spent another wonderful two and a half hours being ministered to by the lovely Dr. Julie and her equally lovely assistant Sarah. I am in the process of building a bridge. Well, I’m not building a bridge, I guess you might say that I am the general contractor and Dr. Julie and Sarah are trades people that I have contracted to do the actual work. They in turn will farm out some of the fabrication to a company called “The Lab” who has some very specialized skills. The only thing that I supply is the building site and of course the financing. I have some backers and they go by the name of Great West Life. I am hoping that they pay for the bulk of the job, but based on past jobs they have been involved with they won’t kick in as much of an investment as I would like. Oh well, the job needs doing and in the end, my smile will look like a million bucks. Quite literally.

Once they were done, I staggered outside and was surprised that not only was it the same day as when I entered, but the sun was shining and people were going about their business as if nothing had happened. I got in the car and drove to the nearest Tim Horton’s, for a coffee and the chance to win a Rav4. The coffee dribbled down my beard and onto my shirt and when I rolled up the rim all that it said was “Please Play Again”. Well, at least I am still alive and half of my head is numb. That’s a good thing…right?

The rest of the day has pretty much passed in one of those “poor me…poor, poor, poor me” pathetic search for someone to feel sorry for me. Unfortunately for me, I have gone to the well far too many times for anyone to really care. In fact, most people just kind of smiled and the odd few laughed out loud. I suppose that when I feel like this, all I really want is to sit and watch some quality TV. We have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 300 channels and I can’t find a single thing that I want to watch. I have 206 DVD’s and don’t feel like watching any of them.

I wouldn’t mind playing with Hurricane and Tornado, but they are home in bed and tomorrow they are going for a weekend up at Lake Louise. They are taking their mom and dad, but just for transportation and to pay for things. They will also need someone with a strong back and a weak mind to pull the sleds up the hills. I won’t be there and I have the weakest mind, so I suppose that Chris will have to do the grunt work. I hope they have a good time. Arwen dropped the four legged fart machine off just after supper time. I like Lola, but who wouldn’t like a big old slobbering bulldog?

Well, I guess I should go and check to see if there is anything on TV or if there is anyone that will send me a little pity.

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