Tuesday 12 March 2013

Springtime Freshness

Facebook is a funny kind of thing. I am on facebook and I have some friends that I am glad to have, I have some friends that I just said yes to because “why not” and I have some friends that I just wonder “Why?”

Mostly it is kind of cool just to be able to follow their lives or at least the tiny portion of their lives that they put on facebook. It is fun to look at their pictures when they travel and to watch their kids and grandkids getting bigger. I have a friend who is in Las Vegas right now and I have to say I wish I were there with him. There is another friend that was recently in Argentina and yet another who is in New Zealand. Not one of them offered to take me with them.
There are a couple of people that I have blocked. I don’t want to unfriend them, that would be kind of rude, but I really don’t want to follow their day to day juvenile bullshit. I check to see if they are still being idiots every couple of weeks and I am sure they are doing the same for me. Don’t misunderstand, these are pretty nice people in the flesh, but for some reason they must think that the internet hides their identity.
Every now and then I will creep into the friends of friends of friends… There are some very odd and interesting people out there. I keep hoping that I will stumble upon someone with Kevin Bacon as a friend which would prove that the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon actually has merit. Eventually, I kind of creep myself out doing this and go back to the regular facebook page. The way I look at it though, is if someone puts anything up on facebook they don’t mind it being public. Heh, heh, heh…
Sometimes there are conversations that I just don’t understand. Often it will relate to sports and a knowledge that I just don’t have. There has been a conversation over the past few months from people that take the GO train. This is a commuter train that carries people from the outskirts of Toronto to the downtown core. I think. There is talk about people making too much noise talking on the train when others are trying to sleep. Personally, I do my sleeping at home and if I am commuting I tend to read or talk. I guess I would be one of the noisy talkers. I can’t imagine wanting to sleep in public as no one I know looks good with their hair messed up and drool running down their cheek. Perhaps that’s just me.
The latest conversation made me laugh out loud. When sitting next to the toilet, someone went in and did what people do on toilets. I guess the smell was pretty intense, but if you sit near a pile of shit you are bound to have flies land on you. The comment was that the person should have gone at home. I am sure that person wasn’t holding it in so that they could have the pleasure of crapping on a moving train. I worked with a woman that was disgusted when someone farted at their desk. She felt that they should go to the bathroom to break wind, and every time she left and came back after that we would ask if she had gone to fart or actually use the toilet. I’m pretty sure she hated us.

I have never had to commute to work and I can only imagine how unpleasant it can be at times. Well, I wish all commuters on the GO, quiet for sleep and springtime freshness.

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