Sunday 31 March 2013

Long Day

It was a long day yesterday. I don't mean that there were more than twenty four hours, well, I guess there were in fact more than twenty four hours yesterday. We did gain about four hours and were awake for twenty three, so yeah, it was a long day.

It started out with waiting for the plane. We waited for Brendan to take us to the airport, we waited in line to check in, we waited while US customs to decide we didn't have any baggies of heroin inside of us, we waited in line at Tim Horton's, twice, we waited to board the plane and then we waited for seven hours to get to Maui, we waited for our rental car and finally, once we arrived at the condo, we had to wait a while for bed because it just wouldn't do to be up in the middle of a Hawaiian night.

The waiting wasn't without it's good points however. First and foremost we were going on a well holiday deserved holiday for Louise. Work has been stressful for her lately and I hope that some time in the sun with nothing to worry about other than just how I will embarrass her, will be good for her.

Waiting at the airport is pretty interesting too. It is fun to see how many different ways that people can be stupid. There are far too many ways to list. There were these two women that not only took up two of the few outlets at the gate, but they also spread their things over five seats. That isn't too bad initially, but when others are standing or walking about, I would think it is time to consolidate. Self centred, entitled bitches!

I am old enough to remember when people would dress up to take a flight. They would wear comfortable clothes that looked nice and were serviceable when they arrived at their destination. Even kids would look good. Those days are gone I suppose, along with Captain Kangeroo, Mr. Magoo and respect for others. I just don't like pajama pants. I know they are comfortable, we all wear them to bed. Well except for those Victoria Secret models who wear wisps of clouds and a mist of rain. Sweat pants aren't good for traveling either, especially ones that have “JUICY PINK” written on the ass. What does that even mean? Is there a company making chewing gum shapes like someones ass called Juicy Pink? Yes, they are comfy but ugly. I am sure that somewhere, on someones blog they are talking about this old guy that did nothing but complain the whole time he was waiting at Gate 25. He criticized people the whole time he was there, and I would of said something but he was well dressed...ish.

The stewardess came by and gave us a meal. Yeah, I know! Talk about the old days of flying. I told her that there was some mistake, but she insisted so Louise and I scarfed it down before she could realize her mistake. We flew Air Canada this time because they had a direct flight and although Vancouver airport is nice, it isn't three hours nice. When we flew Westjet, the seat TV's cut out after 45 minutes and there was nothing to do but talk to each other for the next six hours. Even I felt sorry for Louise. Air Canada has so many options that it's ridiculous. I watched “Skyfall” and look forward to seeing it in a larger format eventually. Louise's screen didn't work at first which is why she thinks we got the free meal. I think it is because it's my year.

I didn't feel right watching my show while Louise couldn't. Well, I didn't know how to look sympathetic for her while I was watching Agent Bond doing his thing. They eventually got the screen to work and we both found out how Moneypenny got her job.

Let's see, the flight was long and I did have to use the teflon toilet. Not as bad as I had remembered, but it's a tiny, metal toilet! The car rental went well and we eventually made our way to the condo through a nightime Hawaiian rain.

Hopefully, I will write something interesting tomorrow, but whether I do or not, I will be on Maui and you won't.

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