Friday 15 March 2013

I Am Just Nuts

I have always believed in magic. Not the kind that you see on TV and at kids shows, but I mean the real thing.
Oh course a good sleight of hand amazes me. How these guys can make a tiger disappear from one cage and appear across the stage in another cage in the blink of an eye is positively baffling. Lately, street magicians like David Blaine have been doing card tricks that defy the senses. I know that all of these magic tricks are illusions, but they are really good illusions. I don’t like it when people like Penn and Teller debunk the magic tricks and show you how they are done. I don’t like it when you see how movies are made behind the scenes. It makes the world just a little more ordinary.

I want to believe that somehow a coin did appear in my ear when I was six. I want to believe that if my watch gets put in a handkerchief and hit with a hammer, somehow the magician can reassemble it. I want to believe that there are heroes living in the movie theatres and in my TV. I want to believe that there is a man so kind and generous that he has dedicated several lifetimes to making children happy.

Today when I was driving home from yet another retirement party, I made magic with my hand. Nothing disappeared, or changed colour. There was no dove that turned into a cupcake and I didn’t use the hand to pull a rabbit out of my toque. I just made a motion that felt magical. I am pretty sure that some excess magic found its way out of my body. I would tell you about it, but I don’t think I could describe it and to tell the truth, I want to keep it for my very own. I have been making this motion with my hand for many years and every time that I do, it just feels right. It feels very much like when you are in the lotus position and you hold your hands with the thumbs and index fingers together with palms facing up. That just feels right somehow.

These motions and others like them are the beginnings of true magic. The world at large isn’t ready for them of course. I would guess that there are some people who are true magicians, but they aren’t entertainers. They are just people who make life a little better for those around them and lead through example. Maybe.

Now, for the rest of us I suppose that we can just enjoy that little bit of magic that enters our lives from time to time when we move our hands in just the right way or when we find that spot on the planet that “feels” right. I realize that this won’t make a lot of sense to anyone that hasn’t experienced it. Perhaps I am just nuts. Okay, more than likely I am just nuts, but my life is filling up with magic.

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