Saturday 9 March 2013

Just Fine…In Time

I have been trying to learn Windows 8 for the past week or so. It is quite different from the Windows systems that I have come to know and tolerate.  

Generally, when a software company brings out a new operating system it is to address inadequacies of a previous system or to make the new system more of an intuitive kind of experience. Microsoft may have addresses some of the inherent problems in the previous Windows systems but it is far from intuitive. The way I look at a computer is that it is a machine intended to make my life simpler and or better.

Windows 8 may be the best thing since sliced bread, but I am sure that when bread first started to come sliced there were a fair number of people who bitched that they liked to be able to choose just how thick a slice should be. I am finding it very difficult to find some of the programs that I have come to rely on. I have learned how to access the ones I use all the time, but for just navigating around it is a hit or miss proposition. I picked up a book at the library that will show me how to use Windows 8. This is the first operating system that I have needed to get book help with. It is certainly not intuitive to me.

I think it was designed for use with cell phones and then they figured if it is good for phones, it must be good for tablets and if it is good for tablets, it must be good for computers. It kind of reminds me of the old Dos operating system. You had to memorize all sorts of key combinations. I guess in time I will be able to access the programs I need to and the other stuff will just lie there dormant in the background doing nothing. Kind of like the Canadian senate and a good portion of our MPs.

What good is a blog if you can’t slam politicians whenever you want to?

I am sure that I will do just fine…in time. Windows are meant to be clear, aren’t they?

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