Thursday 24 January 2013

What a Couple of Dumb Asses

You think I would learn to write the blog earlier in the day, wouldn't you?

I tell myself that I can’t write it early because I haven’t done anything early in the day, but the truth of the matter is that the blog is rarely about what I have done that particular day. It is funny how you can lie to yourself and not even think twice about it. I lie to someone else and I feel guilty for days, unless it is the cops and then I feel pretty good about myself.

I didn't do too much today other than take Buster for a walk. It has been a while since we walked, kind of a combination of too cold, I have been working and I am just plain lazy. The last excuse is the more appropriate one. We walked past the vehicle trap and there was a mini van stuck in it. I don’t know if you know about vehicle traps, but they are only meant for buses to drive through and not cars. It is an old school traffic control method, just a little more civilized than putting a .45 slug into someone’s vehicle. A bus has a wider wheel base than a car does and is able to drive through but the front end of a car will drop into this pit and more than likely do damage to the car and after the tow and ticket, damage to your pocket book.
Through the years I have seen one of those big old cars with fins bounce its way over the trap and once a carload of teens managed to lift the car out, but they are the exception. I figure that if anyone can’t see the flashing lights, the huge sign that says “VEHICLE TRAP”, the STOP sign or (and this is the big one) the large fucking hole in the ground, then they should automatically lose their license. They should probably be smacked on the head by someone repeating over and over “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!...”

This particular mini van had a couple of teenage girls in it that were laughing for some odd reason. They might have been stoned, or they just might have been too stupid to know that they were in a big hole. While Buster and I were walking past, a tow truck came up and the girls sent him away. Maybe they didn't have any money, or maybe they had already called for help, but if the cops got there first it would be the tow and ticket that I mentioned before.

I will never know just what happened, because it isn’t news and neither the TV stations, or the newspapers will report on something like that. To tell you the truth, I would much rather hear about how Betty Sue got out of the pit than how much the price of gold went up or down. I suppose that is important too, but I have to think that most of us don’t have enough gold for it to matter on a day to day basis. There are things happening on the roads and the neighbourhood all the time that we see and never find out how they turned out. When I see the ambulance up the street, it would be nice to know if Mr. Johansson is alright or if we should send our condolences.

There just might be a website or facebook page out there for this kind of thing and if there isn't  then I think there should be…don’t you? Maybe I will start one, or maybe I will just walk by and think “What a couple of dumb asses!”

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