Sunday 27 January 2013

Ruling Class

I’d decided that I wasn’t going to write the blog tonight because I don’t feel 100%, more like 17.375%. In fact, I was just about to go and try to sleep when a buddy called and wanted to have me Skype him to see if it was his computer or his daughters that wasn’t working. We determined that it is his daughters, so he blew me off to talk to his daughter. I understand, but now I have moved beyond sleep and may as well type the blog.
I was going to talk about Kathleen Whyte getting elected Premier of Ontario. It is a big thing I suppose and it will be interesting to see if Ontario politics will change now that a woman is running the show. I do hope things go well, but I am not actually very hopeful.

We have had a female premier in Alberta for a year and a bit now and to tell you the truth I couldn’t tell the difference between Alison Redford and all of the other lying, cheating, thieving bastards that have been the premier over the years. In fact, she lied her way through the last election and now we are facing the largest deficit ever. Her fellow ministers have been caught red handed; dipping into the provincial cookie jar and nothing is said or done to stop it. How Alberta could find itself in a deficit position is beyond me, with the influx of oil money for the last fifty years or so.
It would be different if we had the best health care, education system and social safety net in the country, but we don’t. Not by a long shot!

Every now and then over the years I have heard women lamenting about the war mongering men who wield the political power and how life and our world would be so different if women were to rule instead of men. I don’t see it. I see that the women in power do pretty much the same kind of power brokering and have the same amount of graft and corruption that the male counterparts have done for thousands of years. I guess that it is because these powerful women had to rise through the same ranks and sell themselves the same way that the men did to get where they are.

Perhaps in a thousand years or so, we men will wistfully think that if men were in power there wouldn’t be the wars or corruption there is with the women in power. The way that I look at it, we may as well have the Alison Redford’s and Kathleen Whites take their shot in the top spot, they couldn’t do any worse than the clowns that have been running things up till now. Who know, I may be in for a pleasant surprise and the ruling class might actually start to concentrate on how to rule instead of how to get re-elected.

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