Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Wind Can Blow the Toxic Fumes Away

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching TV and somehow saw a commercial. Normally, I flip from channel to channel during the commercials and more often than not I will miss the first 30 seconds or so just after the commercial. I don’t think this is something that Louise likes very much, judging from the looks I will often get. Maybe that’s why we were watching the commercial.

You have seen the commercial, it’s for some car company (not too effective) showing how a mini van can grow with the family, or how the seats fold up and down, I can never tell. In one of the video clips, the dad is loading a volcano into the back of the van. I can only assume that it is a school project and if I remember correctly, the volcano was going off in the car. Speaking as a dad, I know that I wouldn’t be smiling if my kid’s volcano erupted in the back of my van, and neither would you be smiling.
It did get me to thinking that I have never made a volcano. Perhaps when I was going to school the teachers thought it was beyond our abilities or maybe they thought that it wasn’t safe. No, it can’t be the safety thing, because these same teachers thought it was all right for us to play with mercury for hours at a time. Mercury is a lot of fun to play with, but I guess it is pretty toxic and now you can’t even find it in thermometers. It is so much fun, that I thought maybe if I could get my hands on some I could let Hurricane and Tornado play with it as long as they wore latex gloves. Playing with mercury isn’t like giving the kids an extra cookie after supper, so I imagine their mom and dad would be pretty pissed.
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They probably won’t get mad if Louise and I build a volcano for the kids. I would build the superstructure and they could help to paint the mountain and of course they would get to set it off. I haven’t looked into it, but I think there is a couple of different ways to go about the eruption. There is flame and boiling hot liquid of course which might not be the best of ideas from a safety point of view. I imagine we could do some kind of chemical reaction which would spew some toxic looking foam all over the mountain. That would be safer, depending on the chemicals I use of course. I need to do a little more research on this one before I spring it on Hurricane and Tornados mom and dad.

We can make it work I am sure…probably.

So, if it weren’t a safety issue when I was in school, then the teachers must not have thought we were up to the challenge. That’s odd, because as I remember, every one of my report cards had “challenged” in there somewhere. I was pretty good at not eating the paste or the paper, although if you got enough paper in your mouth it kind of tasted like gum that had lost its flavour.

I am going to research this whole volcano thing and I imagine that it will blow sometime in the spring, once the weather is warm and the wind can blow the toxic fumes away. I imagine it will be good for at least one blog.

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