Tuesday 15 January 2013

Life Just Isn’t Fair!

Life just isn’t fair!

I’m not saying anything new, or anything that I haven’t said before, but it remains a true statement. Every now and then I am faced with the reality of an unfair world. People that deserve good things to happen to them often have bad things happen. People that deserve to have bad things happen to them often get through life without facing their Karma. People that should be healthy sometimes get sick and die. People that should be sick often live long and relatively incident free lives. Yes, it is unfair!

Louise has a saying that goes something like this. “I could never believe in a God that I understood.” When some of these horrible things happen to good people, I have more than a little trouble believing in a God at all. I know what she is saying though. More or less a rephrasing of “God works in mysterious ways.”

Perhaps if you live long enough, some of this stuff makes sense. I don’t think I will live that long.

If you believe in reincarnation and the premise that we are on this world or plane of existence to learn, then it can make sense. Before you are born you decide just what it is that you need to learn from this life and you work things out with the souls that will help you learn as you will help them learn what they need. Sometimes you learn what you need to learn and of course sometimes you are held back for another try. Perhaps these nice people need to learn a horrible lesson in order for them to progress to the next level of enlightenment. I hope that is the case because it helps me to sleep at night.

I send my prayers out to all of those that need prayers tonight and I hope that the lessons you need to learn are positive ones. Get healthy and keep a good thought. 

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