Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Magic Mitts

It’s funny where your mind will wander if you untether it and just allow it to travel out the door and over the hill. Sometimes it will come back without having discovered anything new and sometimes it will disappear for days on end, only to return a little worse for wear. Those are the interesting travels.

I let it out today because I really didn’t need it for anything and who knows, it just might find something interesting. As it turns out that it didn’t venture very far. Sometimes it looks into those dark and murky places that are best left alone. Sometimes it thinks about stuff that I just can’t write about. That is what it did today. You can’t write about family or friends for fear that they may be hurt and cease to be family and or friends.


A couple of weeks ago I was at an auction house and I saw a pair of mitts that fit me like a glove. I have mitts and gloves, but for some reason, these spoke to me. They would be great on those walks to the library or when Buster decides that he needs to see the world and smell the bushes. I knew that I couldn’t be there for the auction, so I decided to put an absentee bid on the mitts. I wanted them but I didn’t really want them so I put a bid of $7 on them, knowing there was no way that I would get them.

The way that the absentee bid works, is that if no one at the auction bids more for the item, then you have won the auction. Once you have won, the auction house will call you that day or the next and tell you to come in to pay and pick up the item. I didn’t get a call, so I figured that I was out bid. No problem.

The other day there was a rather angry message on the machine telling me that I still haven’t come in to pay for the item I bid on two weeks ago. I guess I was supposed to call if I didn’t hear from them. Who knew?

I drove over the next morning and paid for the mitts. They gave me a sheet of paper and told me the guys in the warehouse would look after me. I handed them the sheet and they just laughed, saying “There’s no way these are still here!” We walked around and sure enough there were a pair of mitts just like the ones I bought two weeks ago and they had sold again last week. My lucky day! I walked out of there like I had just won a lottery. Sure, it was a tiny, shitty lottery, but I WON!!!!

Since I brought these super warm mitts home, the weather has been unseasonably warm and looks to stay that way for a while. Maybe they are magic mitts that can control the weather. This could be the best seven bucks I have ever spent.

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