Thursday, 3 January 2013

Uh- Huh

Last night I went on and on about fountain pens and I wondered why the Chinese would not have switched over to ball point pens like we have in the western world. I was talking to a friend today and he shed some light on the possible reason. Oriental writing uses characters that were traditionally drawn by brush which allowed a graceful, flowing stroke which a ball point can in no way emulate. The fountain pen is much better at creating thinner and wide strokes needed for the oriental characters.

Problem solved to my satisfaction.

Louise and I were talking about who you would consider to be the best Jew and the best Christian. The answer has to be Jesus. He is certainly the best Christian, but whether or not He is the best Jew is up for argument. I think that the Jewish people are still waiting for the messiah to come. It turns out that there is a site called Rankopedia that I suppose will rank all kinds of things, including it seems the best Jew.

Jesus tops the list, but I would like to know if the voting was done by strictly Jews or if anyone could put in a vote. I suspect that the whack-a-doodle Christians “fixed” the vote. Moses was in the top ten as was King David, who came after Albert Einstein. Steven Speilberg made the list of course, who else made so many great movies and billions of dollars for the Hollywood machine. There was also Abraham, Jacob, David Ben Gurion, Bob Dylan and Theodore Herzel rounded out the top ten.

Honourable mention needs to go to Freud, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Henry Winkler, Karl Marx, Woody Allen and of course Groucho Marx.

It is nice to know about the Rankopedia, because there are more than a few nights when I need some inspiration and this will definitely help.

Louise and I were also wondering if Jesus’s mother Mary ever went to see a psychic. “Mary, your boy is going to get into a lot of trouble, wandering around the countryside without a job, getting everyone excited and incited. He will be very popular, especially with fishermen.  He will look after the people that listen to him, but eventually he will run afoul of the law and that won’t go well for him.”

Well, He turned out just fine thank you very much. I was just a little uncomfortable writing that last bit. Sorry if I offended anyone on high. 

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